Black line ~ Chemtrail.wmv

UPDATE: i have noticed around the time of 0:55 secs there appears to be an object that streaks across the bottom of the video, appears to be moving very fast and on freezing it seems to be bulky box looking… any ideas?? 28th May 2010 Evening time East coast England. I was filming Mr Chemtrail when a black line suddenly started to appear directly ahead where the plane was flying, i had never seen this before i caught it. I dont think its a shadow because shadows dont work like that.. think about it. Sunlight can do beams and columns through breaking cloud.. a chemtrail/contrail/whatever would not create a perfectly enclosed column of shadow .. other light would interfere further down with the shadow. Please comment. Thanks ..Im not sure

18 thoughts on “Black line ~ Chemtrail.wmv

  1. Riiccko

    @fumanshu888 .. maybe but cannot be sure i have seen many chemtrails and this is the only one that has ever produced such a shadow. I remain on the fence.. :)

  2. bethtoo

    I think it’s an antenna for HAARP. It’s to do with communication, not weather. The weather changes are a consequence of HAARP activity. This footage is great. I could never figure out which came first, the black line or the chemtrail. Thanks!

  3. jambuckerwarblast

    please let me know if you find out what the f that black beam is.?? i have filmed the same and now tripping out please cheque it out … J.ET chemtrail black beam UFO what is it?

  4. Riiccko

    @TrutherD1 Thanks TrutherD1 for a video that shows it cant be a shadow cause its directly in front of the sun. Nice 😉

  5. TrutherD1

    Check this vid where the black line blocks the sun! watch?v=cCQsJ2bjx1U ? Not a shadow! Search “particle beam” 😉

  6. Riiccko

    @TODDZILLA226 do you mean to say you saw this one? or that it happens where you are too. So it seems pilots need guiding with lines now, i wonder why that would ever be? dont their instruments guide well enough?? soon they’ll have signposts on balloons showing them which way to go. haha :)


    @Riiccko I think it is ground based….. It’s funny too because we are on different continents seeing the same thing

  8. Riiccko

    @TODDZILLA226 ..i see. Do you know how this beacon works? is it attached to the plane or on the ground. I do recall the black line was still under the chemtrail/contrail after the plane had flown over. Could the beacon be on the ground or satellite? thanks .


    Its not a shadow…. It is some kind of a guidance beacon…. I’ve seen it on numerouus occasions and in a variety of different atmospheric conditions

  10. Riiccko

    @STEVEDIGIBOYtv ok so far you’ve said the word ‘density’ and sent me a video that explains nothing about shadows nor containing any links that mention shadows or black lines in da skies. come on dude, throw me a bone here


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