Blatant Chemtrails in Advertising

If chemtrails aren’t real then why all the effort to put them in advertising?Because they are real and conditioning people to accept or not even notice them is part of the plan.

25 thoughts on “Blatant Chemtrails in Advertising

  1. 777millerg

    its so crazy how much its thrown in our face as if its not enough to step outside and see this crap now its a constant on t.v. sick of chemtrails and x’s 5-6 days a week. it is very amazing how alot of people r not even aware of them hello how can you not see huge x’s in the sky. peace and good work

  2. humanswin

    Guy is hilarious below asking”why to the power of infinity? why not are chemtrails mentioned second on a list of exotIc WEAPON systems in the space preservation act 2009″.What the hell man?You think I don’t know what a straw man is?As if.Who cares why it isn’t mentioned.So what,to infinty?!They spray my area constantly and it makes for endless drought and flah flooding when it finally rains.It hurts my fruit crops end of story.Trolls and liars have no place around me.

  3. robbynood

    part one below……but unfortunately the overwhelming evidence is on our side,and i take no pride in asking you this question but its a question that i fear may humble you a little as i dont expect u can give me an answer.why to the power of infinity why not are chemtrails mentioned second on a list of exotIc WEAPON systems in the space preservation act 2009?

  4. robbynood

    henryleaf so i took ur advice and saw the twa ad,unfortunately it didnt convince me.this could easily have been a contrail as could a few mistaken as chemtrails could be too.the fact is that they dissapate after a matter of seconds and from the advert it is very possible that it has only been in the sky for about 20 i say i would very much appreciate more examples.with no disrespect to humanswin or anyone collecting evidence we are subject to error but the overwhelming evidence ..

  5. robbynood

    Henryleaf i would love not to believe in chemtrails so maybe you can help by showing examples of long trails in the sky either photographed or in advertising pre 1989 which i believe the program started.i hope u will be able to back up ur confidence that they are purely contrails and prove that im a paranoid chemtard,and the giving of the nobel peace prize to bertrand russell a well known believer in eugenics was a mistake as was giving the greatest warmonger in the world,namely obama,it too.ta

  6. yankeepedaler

    They are much more frequently appearing in all forms of media in order to make them seem normal. Check Sears ads, Fox backgrounds, car commercials.

  7. humanswin

    @decoratorgirl Thanks,that thing henryleaf is a re-occuring troll for chemtrail exposers.Who has that time?..or who would pay such a creature?

  8. decoratorgirl

    @HenryLeaf A contrail is condensation…WATER. It dissipates after a few minutes. Chemtrails hang in the air and EXPAND, covering the sky, and are loaded with barium and other toxic chemicals.

    Yours is a case of willful ignorance.

  9. HenryLeaf

    How pathetic.
    Contrails are real.
    Contrails have been seen in films and advertising for decades.
    The Easterbunny is not real but rabbits are.
    So when you see something that a moron claims is the easterbunny, it’s just a rabbit.
    Same with “Chemtrails”.
    Morons think they are spooky “chemtrails” but they are just contrails.
    google “TWA promotional graphic, circa 1962 ”

    Reality.. too complex for chemtards to understand

  10. TheLoonwolf

    Since I learned about this I started making observations, and they were continually and heavily being laid. I wrote to my local MP about it, also referencing the UK government’s admittance to spraying “tests” in the past. Since then I’ve not seen a single one against a blue sky, but did clearly see one across a cloudy sky, almost unnoticable.

    I wonder if this is just coincidence, it’s almost as if those who screen her mail wanted her to look for herself and see no such thing!

  11. leharra

    typical,they are trying to program the masses into thinking these devil clouds have always been in the sky-

  12. clnmyjts

    why>>> didn`t you know? They have been there from the beginnig of time….LOL
    WHY>>>didn`t you know? Adam and Eve was created out of a chemtrails….lol

    I can see it now…WHY>>> didn`t you know? that`s the breath of GOD?

    AND people will believe it as fact….

  13. patiodaddyo1

    Great vid and about time somebody brought it up…here in Chicago a chemtrail grid , against the skyline; is used as the backdrop behind the anchor desk of the Fox morning news

  14. lardlll

    Read about the Codex food bills that are soon being passed by the United Nations, you will be shocked. Anyways, good video :)

  15. DuffMan790

    I was gonna post “unbelievable!” but it isn’t really is it…the blue cross medical insurance one, oh the irony. lol

  16. lowrider1007

    Excellent. I have been on the lookout for chemtrail ads constantly. good to see others are aware too. great vid! PEACE

  17. glenisah

    The medicare one especially, Perhaps that ad would be more appropriate 50 yrs ago. Is it meant to imply that flight could lead us into the future?? been there done that. On top of the the absurdity of the implication, It displays their pre conditioning tactics spectacularly.
    Downright insulting!


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