BREAKING NEWS Army Has Sprayed Citizens with Radioactive Particles! Chemtrail Link

25 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS Army Has Sprayed Citizens with Radioactive Particles! Chemtrail Link

  1. texascommtech

    I truly believe “they” have been working on developing a way to “thin out the herds” for a long time by using race-specific compounds that they administer to us through chemtrails, vaccinations, personal care products, even foods that specific races might be most prone to eat. It is SAD that someone should be so suspicious & distrustful of? my own government, but after seeing what I have seen and learning what I have learned over the course of 60 years, I cannot ignore the evidence any longer.

  2. texascommtech

    If the globalists who wish to reduce the world’s populations down to 500 million? as stated on the “Georgia Guidestones,” ONE of many ways to do this efficiently would be through the “chemtrail projects;” they could infuse the compounds that they are spraying with short-life radioactive materials, spray it on specific communities that they wish to “thin out,” and over the course of time they would develop conditions & diseases that would bring about disability and death, leaving no evidence! EVIL

  3. sumstuff52

    THEY have permission to test us all, oppose the? military forces it’s all bullshit to keep their machine churning and the people keep on joining thinking? they are going to help make the world a better place, it’s a catch 22, people are clueless nowadaze

  4. dave bowles

    this makes me wonder about ‘mosquito spraying’ as a kid in the late 60’s. i remember them spraying our neighborhood? in the summer time.

  5. 28alaskan

    I live in the? town, where the women painted the watch dials. The EPA is STILL here after all these years, digging the radium up, out of the ground! Ottawa, IL

  6. brianmcUtube

    I’m still flabbergasted they didn’t have hordes? of volunteers stepping up to get drenched in zinc cadmium sulfide with radioactive particles.

  7. Ame3thyst3

    Well said. Karma always balances the scales. They will? get “theirs” for sure. It’s just horrendous to depopulate by poisoning so many people. Sickening.

  8. Jacobus deRottmann

    Although most official sites play down any danger from Depleted Uranium that? remains outside the body, a majority do admit it can be dangerous if ingested or INHALED, which is exactly the situation the video is describing!
    The “DEPLETED URANIUM FACT SHEET” page of the Australian Air Force points out the inhalation risk but ALSO states the larger danger is from its toxic chemicals. So essentially the oligarchy are spraying us peons with poisons, like so many bugs. They intend to reduce numbers.

  9. Jacobus deRottmann

    re Harizl: “No radioactive threat” is not a quantifiable fact, it is an opinion.
    Here’s a? quantifiable fact: “DU is 40 percent less radioactive then natural uranium because most of the radioactive uranium-235 isotope has been removed.” That is from an EPA page entitled “Depleted Uranium Projectiles” wherein the government downplays concerns about what the government is doing. Nonetheless, 40% less radioactivity than raw uranium is something not everyone is convinced is inactive.

  10. Ruth-Anne White

    All I can say is KARMA is a bitch? to all the people involved at making this CONSCIOUS decision to harm everything that makes this world exist.


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