Please join the lawsuit. Get Evidence now; blood work, rainwater, etc…


  1. ChilesGreen

    There’s a documentary on Chemtrails here on YouTube where members of congress were confronted with the issue of Chemtrails. None of them would give it the time of day and evaded the issue and denied knowing anything about them. They serve their? corporate masters not the people.

  2. KauaiianTunda

    Mike86183: you don’t know what your talking about. What goes up must come fool. It’s called gravity. By the time it hits the ground, it’s in particle form. I don’t see why you? guys don’t get it. It’s not rocket science. The system has you so ignorant, you think chemtrails are a normal thing that comes from planes. Educate yourself and dong be so bias. Nobody is just out to blame someone for chemtrails. Their just concerned, want to know why, and just want chemtrails to just go away.

  3. KauaiianTunda

    That sucks dude. I’ve been watching and posting pics for a year now. But like I said I haven’t? seen any down here. Then again, that shit stop real quick when someone important is in the area.

  4. ChilesGreen

    They’ve moved chemtrail operations to Albuquerque NM. We’ve been getting hit real hard for over a week now. ? As I sit here typing the sky is currently whited out with chemtrail smog.


    I have heard that before but I see no aliens? and don’t know their attorneys. UNtil then, we have to sue humans.


    That would help get it done. Unfortunately our military is too busy in 150? countries “keeping us safe and fighting for our freeedoms.”

  7. KauaiianTunda

    chemtrails are not the only reason but its apart of the problem. And on a side note, I havent been seeing any chemtrails lately throughout california. Its really bad in central california. But i have not seen? one trail for a month now. Maybe this lawsuit did the trick. Atleast for california. I would never thought people would realize whats going on. Theres so much people who are so ignorant and dont know what their talking about when it comes to chemtrails. But its too easy to prove. Look up.


    wrong. do some research. look up or admit you are a troll? and go away. we have no use for you.

  9. Toggler24

    Let me get this straight, you’re saying the reason people in this country? are lazy is because of government chemicals? You sure you’re not just lazy, and the government as always is just an easy scapegoat?

  10. ChilesGreen

    I agree with the fact they’re poisoning us, but these aliens are terrestrial. They will someday? be transformed into windchimes.

  11. yogbert

    Ca existe en France? a Agen ( entre Toulouse et Bordeaux) aujourd’hui le ciel etait bleu mais a la fin c’etait blanc comme du lait. Ils ont arrete de pulveriser et ce soir ca a disperse! Faut que ca arrete!!!
    It goes on in France in Agen. Today the sky was blue but ended up milky white. The temp dropped noticibly. They finished spraying and the sky has cleared up this evening. This has to stop!

  12. LicorneALPINE

    Des CHEMTRAILS il y? en a partout même en France mais les gens se reveillent !

  13. mike86183

    Whatever chemtrail is ,get this, it expands yes, but it don’t come down! it does not come down,look watch it ,? IT GOES UP? UP UP UP


    hmm, people having heavy metals? in their systems why are there so many cell towers? then we have the smart meters, that people don’t want . these emf waves make you tired, weak and you end up with the energy of an 80 year old. one would ask, why would they want you weak, like everything else seems to be, we all know what happens to the weak.

  15. rejoicing007

    I believe it is all of the above. It is a multifaceted move of the illuminati idiots for various purposes. They loose tho. Which is good news. The more people who are aware of their plans the better. So even if a lawsuit may fail, SOME will? learn from it. And it may not fail. Either way the ignorant will continue to mock. We need to go about our business warning others the bridge is out. Thanks for your info.

  16. iamyourmuse

    Perhaps you can put a link in? the video description to your facebook page so people can find you. Thanks


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