Bubonic Plague activated with HARRP, Chemtrail spraying…..Genocide

THIS CONTRACT TO CHANGE YOUR CELLULAR DNA. DONE. FACT. FINISHED Their killing us all slowly. Some day a pandemic will break out due to this technology. This …

9 thoughts on “Bubonic Plague activated with HARRP, Chemtrail spraying…..Genocide

  1. Margaret Pfeiffer

    Government going to control us all like zombies for sure. I got rid of my
    cell phone a long time ago. Headaches aren’t near as bad as before. Still
    have ringing in my ear’s. I agree with this too. Saw this a while back.
    Truth is all over this video my friend. Most people out there are just
    blind to it. Thank you & God bless. XO

  2. runxxeroxx

    and rejection of any cooperation in the field of civil liability …
    because of all the people and all the smaller violate the more vicious and
    brutal ways …. All the things that Kevin wrote and posted as video clips
    is not a conspiracy theory but a reality … and that’s what people like to
    live in the illusion of a map on which the powerful play. It is sad, but
    isn’t yet to late, but very soon will be.

  3. runxxeroxx

    In my opinion, the most disturbing is apathy on the one hand and lack of
    empathy for those who are in one way or another directly by the government
    of their country pushed into a hell of life (almost literally) as the U.S.
    is still the leading country in the field of all these experimental
    biological, psychological, genetic weapons will go to the same end …
    because they can no longer go back the only thing that can stop it is a
    general civil disobedience…

  4. runxxeroxx

    Why he is mentally I’ll, because of fact that trough low frequency(which
    can transmitted trough your cell phone) you can change structure of the
    cell, no you are uneducated ignorant(like most of population of USA) Did
    you see your fellow American soldier which just serve at Hammer which had
    on Top Micro wave weapons even not ones they “fire” did you see how they
    look today.

  5. Kevin Stoll

    Margaret, Thanks so much. I had to go to a cell phone because it was
    cheaper than a land line. But I don’t hold it up to my face. I always use
    the speaker. Peace and Love and Grace to you sis….oxoxoxoxoxoxo


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