Canadian Chemtrail Documentary

Apparently our neighbors up north are having some of the same problems we’re having. “On The Trail of Our Assassins” This concise, credible documentary covers chemtrails that have been traced, recorded, and reported by a Vancouver, BC school teaching couple.

25 thoughts on “Canadian Chemtrail Documentary

  1. a4d2d0

    @Kenshiroit What, don’t believe in geoengineering? It’s not a big secret you know, pretty mainstream. You must be a fool to deny it.

  2. faerydhhlo

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  3. pidos847

    Fluoride is poison and its added to our water supply to kill us!!! I use NON fluoride toothpaste and I’m buying a ECOLOBLUE water? from air machine (atmospheric water generator). Your body ingest more fluoride during showering that by drinking, it’s hard to remove but can be done using reverse osmosis. Filters made with BONE CHAR and CHARCOAL can remove fluoride. Its a conspiracy by the illumianti and it must be stopped! STOP INGESTING FLUORIDE, DON’T LET THOSE SHIT BAGS KILL YOU!!!!!!!

  4. oilpatchgirl

    Feb 18 2010 there must have been 30 flights today and our bright blue sky in the North Peace area of B.C. has turned that hazy white sky now. Been going on for years. I powerwalk and my chest gets really tight on days like this. Makes me very mad.

  5. marcmywords15

    I also live on Vancouver Island Canada, born and raised here. A freind of mine told me of this a few years ago now, I could not believe my eyes! Almost every day now these Jets are above the Island spreading all kinds of toxic material on ALL OF US !! So much for our organic crops! Whatever you do, don’t take a deep breath! LETS DO SOMETHING !!! QUICK !!

  6. IExposeMormonism

    @IExposeMormonism “It” is the “contrails” that endure. Once they are in place you can fly over the “Contrails” and be concealed from ground view. If these began in c. 1944 it is useful to know as much as you can about them. They are useful in strategy in war plane attacks and returns. But WW2 had only some Radar

  7. IExposeMormonism

    @madderthanalex Seems to me, If I was military, I would notice this and use it to my advantage. I mean if its natural, they can predict it. And once it’s out there you can fly the big planes OVER it. 1944 is B4 Radar. Or it’s beginning. I’m not Military and I thought of it……

  8. madderthanalex

    There is documentation of chemical spraying during
    WW2 over Britain by the British & over Europe & since then also.
    Keep researching buddy.

  9. waltermouthoh

    “Chemtrail Busters” knock out chemtrails in 5 minutes, 40 mile radius. this vid shows it disappear in 5 minutes. link at soisnessdotorg.

  10. MazterYota

    I worked in a garage not to long ago, and was repairing a vehicle for a couple of gentlemen from Toronto. These gentlemen claimed that they were researching Chemtrails, and were monitoring the hospitals after each spray to measure the spikes of people being admitted to outpatients for certain conditions. They claim that we are being vaccinated against the military bio agents so that the people of North America will be immune to and from Bio Attacks.

  11. thenivekohgr

    I’m also from Hamilton, and I’ve noticed these on an almost daily basis. The worst example I saw was while driving near Vineland (somewhere between Grimsby and St. Catharines) and saw a “patchwork” of chemtrails near wine country. The aircraft was still at it……I only wish I had taken a pic….not that it would do anything

  12. SafetyLight

    Actually, I’m inclined to respect the opinions of the gentleman in this video who spent his career observing clouds and atmospheric conditions for a national weather agency.

    I’m betting he knows more about it than most. And given that he was also a teacher, I am surprised that you are accusing people of not paying attention in school. If anybody knows what the school lessons were, it was this fellow. That’s why his opinion here is valuable.

    Did you (ahem) “pay attention” to this video?

  13. HenryLeaf

    “we the people should be informewd of any such things”
    Yes and you would be informed if you paid any attention in science class or learnt about meteorology
    It’s water ice, just as scientists have known and understood since they were first reported in 1918
    The fact you are not informed as you say is because you don’t read science and probably paid little attention to reading about science as a kid through to adulthood
    If you disagree, tell us which science journals you subscribe to, or can name

  14. webber1966

    Im from Hamilton Ontario and we are being sprayed like this also ,not every day but quite a bit.Even if it is some kind of weather modification we the people should be informewd of any such things remember the government works for us we dont work for them peace out

  15. hurtin333

    Good folks like these are not conspiracy nuts!!!!

    Time and time again they questioned our government about the issue and time and time again their concerns as citizens and taxpayers were ignored.

    This is supposed to be a government of the people. Why is our government absent?


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