CBS Atlanta – Chemtrail Pictures Come in By The Thousands!

This aired 2/13/2011 and was the second part in a series by CBS Atlanta that outlined the so called conspiracy theory “Chemtrails” FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

25 thoughts on “CBS Atlanta – Chemtrail Pictures Come in By The Thousands!

  1. guachingman

    global warming control….yeah let us get the chance to sneak some disinfo in while we are at it…

  2. consciousnessofone

    @InvestigateTheLies ,

    Uploading another video right now bro, Check the audio track out in it.
    Still trying to wake the Sheeple :)

  3. PlanetXwormwood

    Are the news casters that fucking ignorant? Come on even sheeple can see the chemtrails it’s not a conspiracy!!!! Stop spraying us. Or it will come back to you a billion fold.

  4. consciousnessofone


    I could show this guy some “so called chemtrails”

    I have some mind-boggling videos on my channel and keep filling up my hard drive with activity just around here. CBS, give me a link to upload a few to.

  5. consciousnessofone



    Contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease

    Look it people, and FIGHT!

  6. BethWithes

    “THEY” believe there is crap being sprayed?? And “You’d like to see them too”?!! Get off your duffs, go outside and look up!! You people at CBS should be able to see all the obviously unnatural spraying going on as clearly as any child with a working brain. Or if you’re vision-challenged, watch “What in the World are they Spraying” here on youtube, full length. It’s NOT A THEORY anymore…wake up and investigate like the reporters you pose as.

  7. emalenick

    The chemtrails aren’t as prevalent as they were…Now we’re seeing manipulated skies….Clouds, in all too familiar patterns, moving as if controlled by unseen forces. Often these faux-clouds move in to obscure the sunrise and sunset. Anyone who won’t believe something is going on must also refuse to look at the sky.

  8. ChristSwordservant

    God I wish these morons weren’t all so bought I mean don’t they know they are poisoned by this crap too.?

  9. u2ups

    last 2winters the snow seemed OFF, dismal, different, maybe becase the sky was so white I wondered, but I do not have one memory of snow ever looking this way.
    As it falls in daylight, look up, doesn’t look like snow.

  10. Deaddrum1

    And just think about this, alot of sleeping people believe they are contrails. I live in IL in America aka The United States Corporation, those planes spray here every sunny day as long as temps are above 45 *F. When I’m out on in public I tell people to look up. They don’t even ask what it is.They keep moving. I do feel bad for the sheople who don’t know sh*t besides work and TV. They r still our family, tie them up, show them truth, and they will awaken and find their true self. The transition


    Chemtrails Contrails Geoengineering weather modification Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Scie chimiche Its real !!

  12. Ebdan88

    hahahaha Infront of GOD and COUNTRY !!? I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THAT..haha
    and the Country dont give a sheet!! they would rather see tv and drink beer and go and watch football….

  13. dolores206

    The Govenor of Atlanta is just another LIAR!!!
    contrails are gone as soon as the plain is gone…Looking at chem trails right now in /Seattle we get dumped on heavily!!! It takes about 5-8 mins for the dumping of chemicals to turn into that “thick lace ” stage Eventially it turns into the “Milky Sky” stage. SKY Watch people wake the hell up!!!

  14. 2skullscrushing

    “we’d like to see them too.” what kind of investigative journalist are these people, how the hell can you NOT see them. I’m so sick of this bold face lying. Not one mention of all the evidence in the documentary,”What in the world are they spraying?” and the theorists brought weak points, not enough known fact. theres congressional paperwork, and kucinich trying to get them stopped. theres no evidence F me.

  15. firstwave2

    @Dazed767 what’s your security level – 1, 2 ,3 your comments show no idea as to highly classified operations.

  16. djbrotherson

    Hey that black woman, I swear I seen her on tv before. She looks like an actress or someone I seen in a commerical. Psy op?

  17. Dazed767

    @firstwave2 I’ve worked around all types of commercial aircraft for 7 years now, it’s quite obvious you have NO clue what you’re talking about.

  18. firstwave2

    @Dazed767 morons as yourself are only wasting space on this page- this video has to do with the subject of ‘chemtrails’ – it’s very basic science = Spray Nozzles on’ Spray Nozzles off’ – nothing to do with meteorology -it has to do with Spray Nozzles.

  19. Peter5930

    @josephcderer I quaff from the sweet spring of human knowledge with an unquenchable thirst, dear friend.


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