CERN LHC $4000000000000 Project ALICE teleportation Chemtrails Shield of RA 5 more trillion CHEMTRAIL GOV REPORT AR4 with report on what particle *** A ** is in the chemtrails! Nuclear!!! HAARP sucks. It’s under DOE for CERN?? project Alice. it works with the chemtrails which has particle A in it. Can anyone say beam me up SCOTTY to a place underground. as well as other apps. Just type in google search CNN Shield of Ra. It’s your chemtrail Earth link below.$5000000000000000 project. they should of just called it what it is . The Agenda Of The Greedy. To LIE to us some more of are phony man made brainwash time. IT”S SAD Cop 15 flag looks like the earth covered in chemtrails!!! Shield of RA in your face world!!! 192 countries put a fork in this world its done. /TECH/science/… songs parts are from Meichael Jackson Man In The Mirror & They Don’t Realy Care About Us.

19 thoughts on “CERN LHC $4000000000000 Project ALICE teleportation Chemtrails Shield of RA 5 more trillion

  1. scottandildi

    @believersunderground They know their time is short so they are trying to manipulate time so they can have more of it.

  2. semiLivedj

    @chkrat22 You are a creepy person.Why are you disinforming this?Who are you?Why are you for the non concern of people?You really creep me out! Just knowing that you are on this earth.If you were to do a little research on this man,you would know that he knows what he is talking about.


    Had to laugh when my five year old was looking at this with me and said ” Is that Iron Man?” Little things like that keeps the faith.

  4. intrascoobz

    @chkrat22 And no doubt you know from experience? Look at all that crap in physics you’ve been taught so the big teapot in the sky can spew it out & charge us a heavy price for it’s “assets” at work in our face so one’s own participation in a destructive system is kept viewed in limiting closed mind? The confiscation of the infinite towards the limited by the limited higher educated mind based on a read , memorize & repeat educational system is of a stink/think tank. You’ve sank~ now~ rise!

  5. chkrat22

    There is absolutely no doubt, that what you say has EVERYTHING to do with all that dope you did in the 60’s “man.” Was it the ‘shrooms, or the windowpane? Do you still get flashbacks from that shit? It’s apparent something has warped your mind, because if you’d actually studied in college you’d know a hell of a lot more about physics than that crap you’ve been spouting.

  6. JesusNotPaul

    1 Kings 18:38-40. Worshipers of Satan couldn’t get their god to light their altar. But Elijah received fire from God for altar he set up. Revelation 13:13-15 Satan’s man & false prophet receive power to cause fire to come down from sky & other wonders. What’s permitted & what is not, all in God’s time. Jack Parsons practiced so-called sex magic (OTO) & formulated solid rocket fuel. Knowledge passed from fallen angels to man. Therefore, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

  7. JesusNotPaul

    @starlight1946 Worried about evil entities entering through so-called wormholes or stargates? Evil non-human spirits are already here and have been here for centuries. Evil spirits came onto earth through the bodies of dead nephilim (Book of Enoch). The full brunt force of satan & his angels is yet to come (REV 12:12). The only kingdom that will exist forever and ever is God’s kingdom. Where your heart is so is your treasure.

  8. JesusNotPaul

    @insectboy0 Theory of relativity debunked according to some scientists. Scientist did successfully transport energy between two atoms one meter apart. Man does not have the ability to teleport matter ala Star Trek. Children being taught time travel is an exercise in futility, but may have a dark purpose behind it. “Conspirecys themselves” exist or not–thinking a conspiracy exists can never bring into existence the conspiratorial act itself. Charlotte Iserbyt knows people conspire.

  9. insectboy0

    your going to tell us about physics, about looking up words meanings. Your statments re light speed, time travel, walking through walls, theorys based on star trek, beliving a plot etc paronid half baked imaginings. Learn 101 basic relativity , youtube has pleanty.
    You are correct costing alot of money. I dont belive all the cash would in reality be spent helping the poor. Conspiracy idears like yours end up becomeing conspirecys themselves. What is your evidence you base idears on please.

  10. saron380

    …. You sir really need to open up a book. The LHC has nothing to do with the stock. The cost of the LHC cost 6B USA approx. We only payed for the Magnet’s used in the project. We spend far more on Poverty, Defence, Education, than Scientific research.
    Get off your Hippie high horse. We’re NOT MAKING A FUCKING BLACKHOLE MACHINE!!!! We’re making a decive to discover hand desernce many basic questions about physics that currently do not have an answer (Higgs Particle, Brah)

  11. Wivanunu

    The motives for this machine are pure evil……people need to wake up! And you are right…they are playing with it…..and something very bad will happen….
    The discernment I’m getting about the CERN/Hadron Collider….is bad….I get goosebumps :-(

  12. believersunderground

    10/30/10 they got it to work. the same day Rome Italy stated volcano under sea is at risk big time? Big Bang has a tunnel from CERN underground 730km to Italy for part of that flying stuff off that thing. It hits 12 million peices of fillament then a lead wall. think Scott (BUG)

  13. believersunderground

    Well Project Alice did’nt need the big bang part of this gadget to work. it went on line when they fired it up. CERN’s logo has 3 6’s in it. The truth in this case maybe stranger then fiction. Scott (BUG) nice to meet you starlight.

  14. starlight1946

    I often wonder if they have a hidden agenda in making this most expensive gadget. Maybe they are trying to create a Wormhole or Stargate into other dimensions. No telling what entity would come into our dimension or maybe already has?


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