Chasing Chemtrail Planes! “Literally”

That’s right, “Chemtrail Chasers” The people who put their own safety at risk to inform the public of these crimes being conducted against humanity! First an…

25 thoughts on “Chasing Chemtrail Planes! “Literally”

  1. Tayhlorr

    the particles on? the lens! great video, love how you caught the difference between contrail and chemtrail.

  2. gocatss50

    Obviously this clip is from a few years ago, so hopefully you’ve noticed? even
    further….that…Anytime you see a “Con-trail” out of one of these planes, they
    are in fact Chem-Planes on Aerosol Mode until they simply turn on Full-Chem.
    For a year or so I too thought Contrails were normal, watch one long enough,
    they will turn on Full. Modern Jets and Modern Fuel CANNOT leave a Contrail
    at ANY Altitude or ANY time of the year, So..Contrails are from Chem-Planes.

  3. tyreza79

    nice vid, but thats not contrail, thats an other type of chemtrails
    contrails are much smaller than that !!
    thre is a type of chemtrail that causes drought
    while the regular one causes heavy? rains
    they are indeed trying to control the wheater,
    the wheater forcast is also controlled,

  4. charles43110

    DANE WIGINGTON – Geo-engineering specialist – THE “METALS” are in snow? – in lakes – top soil – many THOUSANDS of samples from all over earth in many nations have been taken & in LAB’s examined – as TREES DIE & WHITE BARK FALLS OFF let a? University Lab Scientist examine the bark or the WATER from a NOW DEAD LAKE or from a MOUNTAINOUS SNOW PACK —- + EYES tell no LIES – BINOCULAR’S + a FRIEND & YOU go watch a SPRAYING PLANE loop around pass after pass over YOUR CITY SPRAYING for an hour or more

  5. ItsTimetoPlay1

    Thank you for the information, and making myself and others more aware of our surroundings… I know more than a few people who are compiling list of these airbases/areas and shall pass it on to them as well, in hopes we can affect the morals of people directly and indirectly related to these? acts, as we all are effected by such atrocities …

  6. haskellfilmz

    OK…here you go. Evergreen airbase just north of Marana Az. Look it up because a whistleblower said he worked there and they were converting hundreds of 727’s? into sprayer planes! Look it up!

  7. ItsTimetoPlay1

    Thank you for chasing the plane for a while, and posting this video…We have to find WHERE these planes are? taking off from, and landing so we might have the ability to do something about it…

  8. TheJesusfreak7777777

    petition for full disclosure of chemtrails…god bless you sir. you are making a? difference. pray too

  9. TheJesusfreak7777777

    sign my petition ,? keyword chemtrails or chemtrail category climate change human rights or environment.

  10. TheJesusfreak7777777

    you are doing a good job, I just god put down by my own family for talking about this ,they said they are tired of hearing about it everyday. Thanks Monsanto I hope you are happy,maybe you can destroy some families while? you are slowly poisoning the air water soil animals. you guys are not human you don’t need air and you don’t know love.

  11. TheJesusfreak7777777

    I believe they can see you very well? . we have a state of the art military that shoots people from their planes very easily when the people aren’t expecting it! or from their Blackhawks. they can turn those sprayers on and off . I think they have someone to CEO and watch for people like you videoing and then they can turn those sprayers off . I generally don’t see them together same time. passenger planes then spray planes. plus you are probably being followed just for your car . you may be a

  12. SktRat4life

    i visited sierra vista about 2 weeks AFTER you made this video. i saw several chem trails around Fort Huachuca when i was doing landscaping work for my uncle who served in the military and on the base in the past. i pointed out the chemtrails i saw & he knew just what to say.. he told me? it depended on the temperature & altitude of the plane that made it do that. & i told him that’s not true, & he needs to explain it. Full of arrogance, the only way to take these fuckers down is force!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dave S

    Tucson has one of the major training air force bases in the country. Theres planes constantly flying over Tucson. What do you expect? certain types of planes leave? larger contrails and also depends on acceleration. Making large contrails common from certain military jets.


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