Chem trail

So my friend says, dude all commercial aircrafts give off long exhaust they are not chem trails. So here I sit in a boing 737 commercial airliner and wonder hmmm I wonder why there is no magical trail coming out right now??? I don’t care if you believe in chem trails or not but educate your selfs please. And by the way, it’s because commercial airlines don’t give off that type of exhaust the planes that do? Are doing it for a reason.

2 thoughts on “Chem trail

  1. rampage30

    So that is the whole point. People say that chem trails aren’t real, they say that if you look up at major airlines you will see the exhaust coming off them just like if you saw a plane that actually IS putting out a chem trail. This is simply to prove that commercial jets do not in fact put out any form of seeable exhaust so the jets that actually are doing are doing it for a reason.


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