Chem-trails on the Discovery Channel part 2 of 3

The Discovery Channel explains in depth the on going mystery and debate over the chem trail conspiracies

25 thoughts on “Chem-trails on the Discovery Channel part 2 of 3

  1. richardbiz

    Notice how these tests are focused on the jet fuel, anyone can see that the chem trail spray is from other outlets on a jet. This is how the public becomes misinformed. Lab test the water & soils after heavy spraying, see of the results of seeds not germinating, trees dying, crops failing, bees & other cross pollination insects having little effect. This is the mandate of NWO’s GMO program & discovery is just as much a Corporate mouth piece as the Fox Network wake up world!

  2. MsColdCanada

    @VolcomStone128 As a species working on real solutions for decreasing pollutants from air travel makes more sense. How can we cut down on air travel? Encourage vacation travel closer to home, encourage companies to meet via telecommunications instead of physical travel, encourage the jet set to attend fewer international functions. As a radical idea, cap air travel to a max km/year/person… but yes that restricts freedom and free enterprise.

  3. cndsynz

    WHO do you think own the Discovery Channel and all other widely public channels??? duh. They give you partial truths, arguments, etc. because now too many people know and SEE what is going on. These people are paid to say these things. Ask people who have done private testing on their water and ground and see what their reports say!

  4. commenterofsorts

    @Vendola3 0.0 exactly what I thought…I think the history channel is just misinforming us on purpose –.–

  5. Vendola3

    its not coming from the engines of the jets that spray these chemtrails, its like crop dusting, same technology used, not complicated

  6. VolcomStone128

    @TheyDidThis moron
    ofcourse the rain might be a little acid because of the co2 thats being pumpet up into the air but other than that its fine and stfu with all these consipracies, its pathetic and humiliating to our species

  7. TheyDidThis

    Test the rain water MORONS. This controlled group study of fuel is just DUHHH!!!!! Gather rain water data for several locations that are sprayed daily. Fly a test craft through skies that have been sprayed. Gather the air and test it. Testing fuel is just a hit piece. It is sprayed and applied through fuel.


    North eastern and north western states of USA are suspect to persistent and spreading contrails. Southern states will be contrail free. See

  9. 100silverpizza

    I predict at the end of this that nothing is the source and they are normal con trails,
    Discovery wants the funding grant ya know…now lets continue

  10. deftbtm

    @stuntmanmike37 I thought you’re disbeliever ;p Cancer from elevator? Don’t you know the best cure to kill cancer cells? :) I’ll tell you – MJ :)

  11. stuntmanmike37

    @deftbtm Oh, I know. It’s so obvious that all our government is trying to do is kill us. I feel sicker every day. A friend of mine licked a postage stamp the other day, and bam. He got diabetes. Then my mom used an elevator and got cancer.

  12. deftbtm

    @stuntmanmike37 LOL are you drunk or what? It is so obvious they’re killing us that you must be a 100% idiot if you don’t understand it. So go and watch fuckin discovery propaganda channel!

  13. TheFortunateFiasco

    @mcRioRemedy Lmao, dude your a hopeless case. I shouldn’t even reply to this but here we are. Shout out to you for catching feelings, but let’s deal with the issue at hand. They changed the IMPORTANT stuff on here to reflect what THEY want the people to believe. If you want to use the term ‘most’, then provide me with a statistic proving your claim. None? Ok then. So instead of useless obscenities and trying to be an e-thug, lets put some facts on the table.

  14. mcRioRemedy

    @TheFortunateFiasco shut up you fool. MOST of the stuff on wikipedia is true. just because there has been a few cases of people editing and changing stuff does not mean its all lies. most of its correct, so shut the fuck up

  15. jizamie

    Do these idiots actually believe the government would just hand over the true evidence? They were given what they were meant/allowed to be given. This is a useless investigation.

  16. jizamie

    DEFINITELY propaganda. Testing fuel from a normal jet has absolutely NOTHING to do with chemtrails or planes specifically spraying our skies. If you look up in the sky, you can still see normal contrails..there is no dispute that normal fuel and jets still exist and fly. It’s that there are OTHER modified planes spraying non-commercial jet fuel (chemtrail chemicals)


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