Finally a pilot flys up behind and above a tanker plane spraying chem-trails CAUGHT ON TAPE. Borrowed from another, but very good video.

22 thoughts on “Chem TRAILS up CLOSE & PERSONAL

  1. Aaron Williams

    I recently started recording the crazy looking clouds near my area,? they are in effect from HAARP. Check out my videos if your interested.

  2. back2backband1

    lAre all you Ducth so gullible? lol We do not call Pizza a vegetable! You dutch believe everything your told huh? lol You have american penis? envy….We are bigger and better, besides muslims will be taken over your country? in another 20 years or so and unlike Americans you DO NOT have the balls to stand up for you country,? No wonder we are the only super power left in the the world. I’m sure when that time comes you will begging for our help.

  3. timen1986

    out of the blue, i’m sorry to be an asshole here but those things are so normal in the USA. in your country pizza counts? as a vegetable 😀

  4. back2backband1

    hey buddy I? have kids playing in my yard if they? want to secretly spray do it in another country or over congress and the white house, and how about informing us or asking permission if they can spray over our houses!! besides look up geoengineering …. david kieth he says this is going on……and says they have not tested yet for the harmful effects, he said in the future this might be all bad for us and the planet!

  5. back2backband1

    that’s funny i was in the ER twice in the last three months for stomach trouble (constipation and enlarged prostate) my immune system has been low, i have been having upper respitory problems? with anxiety and high blood pressure! never had none of these before and i’m 43 …..this all came out of the blue about 3 months ago, that’s also when i noticed the heavy spraying of chemtrails in shouth shore massachusetts

  6. ChilesGreen

    No one but YOU is making the claim that condensation over the top of the wing is a chemtrail jackass. The persistent haze spewed from chemtrailing planes changing the appearance of the sky is whats bothering people. ? The stuff coming from these planes isn’t frozen water vapor, as you shilltards profess.

  7. dappleboy

    “It’s like it’s spraying out the top of its wings.” YOU MORON
    Anyone who knows anything about flight can tell you that’s moisture in the air condensing and then freezing as it travels over the? surface of the wing.

  8. cauterful

    Yeah well we shouldn’t be kept in the dark about anything thats going on. Its? my tax dollars going to work and I should be able to decide what the fuck they do with it.

  9. 7714000000000

    so many dumb fucking ppl. the government is doin all sorts a crazy shit that not many ppl know? about flouride is huge chem trails are real harp is real and the have so much power the can and really it doesnt matter what we have to say or what we try to do they are gunna do their fucked up shit regardless open your eyes every one

  10. wmcconnell91

    Yeah cause allergies and asthma never existed before this spray. Maybe you should research what they are spraying. Everyone always assume the worst with stuff? they dont understand.

  11. antb2u

    do some dang research
    of more than one video. jeez just look up and breath.
    that’ll be enough. Better yet, let your kids out on the heavy
    spray days. tell them breathe my children breathe the love your government rains down upon you.
    then treat their allergies,,asthmas, sickness and everything else you refuse to acknowledge comes,from this. your drs. and pharmacutical companies will be more? than happy to sell you a medicine. Mind you, not a cure,
    just a life long medicine.

  12. AmericaGreatAmerica

    @wmcconnell91 @wmcconnell91 /watch?v=x1gFti1yJqQ&feature=related

    Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails high level of barium more than 3x the accepted level! 239 1949 – 1969 secret biological thru senate hearins populated areas contaminated. 100,s of thousands tested on in military. look at? rising illnesses. wake up man. High levels of barium leads to stomach, chest pains, blood pressure problems, and wear down immune systems.

  13. AmericaGreatAmerica


    Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails high level of barium more than 3x the accepted level! 239 1949 – 1969 secret biological thru senate hearins populated areas? contaminated. 100,s of thousands tested on in military. look at rising illnesses. wake up man. High levels of barium leads to stomach, chest pains, blood pressure problems, and wear down immune systems.

  14. AmericaGreatAmerica

    You fit? into one of two groups. Wither you are in total denial because you cannot handle the truth, or you have no appreciation for why you are free, and zero understanding that evil exists in the world. SOrry to be so harsh, but really, start reading first, then come back here and debate the facts. Otherwise, you are just another victim of brainwashing.

  15. AmericaGreatAmerica

    H.A.A.R.P – also referred to as weather? ware fare experimentation. visit the voltaire network. two writers from this network have been shot for exposing the truth. voltairenet. (dot) org

  16. AmericaGreatAmerica

    bioethics . gov international synthetic biology commission. read their pdf file presented to OBAMA on the ethics of human EXPERIMENTATION, and ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT on Aerosoling, and other releases. They want NO OVERSIGHT, have been doing this for a long time, and have 18 months befor their report id finalized. no one goes to these meetings. People are brain dead due to HAARP? frequencies imposed on all that afffect the minds of the majority. The really are a small percentage of those awake.

  17. wmcconnell91

    Oh and for the no nation in Europe does that…..why do you think? they have bad teeth? No offense to anyone from Europe, not all of you have bad teeth.

  18. wmcconnell91

    Ok come on dude fluoride??? Have you ever in your life looked at the active ingredient in your tooth paste. Its fluoride! They been putting that shit? in water for many years. Do get you enjoyment of accusing people of stuff? Your gonna die eventually right. Why not enjoy it instead of constantly thinking someone is trying to kill you.

  19. William WAGENER

    and the Government is putting Fluoride in drinking water. NO NATION inEurope does that, because they KNOW that the NAZIs used it to dumb down concentration camp prisoners of children during some experiments which have NEVER been publicized. ? Look it up in Dictionary. Fluoride = Poison, Any amount.
    yet fake scientists and some trained to be dumb dentists are pushing it into drinking water, and itcomes from factories contaminated with mercury , lead, etc. Enouogh SAID.

  20. wmcconnell91

    I highly doubt barium is used in the spray. It is a metal the oxidizes to quickly. It also will not mix with water or alcohol. Not to mention people actually drink barium for medical test. So what good is that. So are you telling me the government is giving people allergies or Turing to constapate us? As for? the other, eh pointless 8% of the world is made up of it. Again nothing harmful.

  21. William WAGENER

    in more than a dozen places we have tested the fall out from these? spraying operatons, and they all came up with barium and aluminum far exceeding anything normal, and in once case in Australia, there was a 3rd substance never identified chemically. IF it was for our good, they would have told u s. Remember the LSD givin to a Fed. agent in S.F. back in the 1950’s without his knowledge. He “changed” in weeks and walked out the 20 floor window to die. His son, sued FOIA.


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