CHEMICAL ATTACK !!! 10th June 2010 – London Geo-Engineering HD

Chemtrail ATTACK !!! 10TH June 2010 – London Geo-Engineering

25 thoughts on “CHEMICAL ATTACK !!! 10th June 2010 – London Geo-Engineering HD

  1. xxxTANYAxx

    I didn’t realise it was this bad. I’m in Harrow… and I noticed this very long trail remaining the other day.. It was really unpleasant, and I wished I were far away..

  2. probiker89

    Hahaha, exactly what I’m saying, “people think this is normal” “look at the fucking state of that” mk

  3. probiker89

    Hahaha, exactly what I’m saying, “people think this is normal” “look at the fucking state of that”

  4. djmisplacedmarblesTV

    pretty much the same nr me and appers to b happening more often too. mad -whatever it is .
    some guy I watched says the gov has said they are doing this and has a vid up with links to the official site which states this …. to protect from global warming ..apparently

  5. munchkin365

    What I don’t get is how come only so few of us actually “see” them – every time I point them out it’s “what, I don’t see anything!?!?!?!” Thanks for the video. Has anyone noticed all the building work that’s going on in Stratford looks like FEMA is coming to town!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TheAnalogical

    I know exactly how you feel, I got up this morning beautiful blue sky and a new college opposite my house had this awful grey mass falling on it, Im used to seeing chemtrails but this was something else, what is wrong with people? Can they not function anymore, its really getting near to the danger zone now. peace. A

  7. AetherWisp

    Virginia Beach, Virginia in the states it the same way every damn week. Geoengineering has no purpose over highly populated areas IMO. While some places crops have drought………..these guys are giving us supposed shade in a fricken city with no crops. Scarey part is no one looks up. Makes we want to cry.

  8. tazzym1

    OMG – I am so with you on this score – WHAT THE F*** are all these TRAILS about – I have just spent the last 5.32 secs swearing and saying how outragious this is – I have been asking people lately what they think of our skies – and do you know what? I tell them to look up more often and ask what are the trails in our skies – they have not got a fu**ing clue and look at me like I am mad – ITS SO FRUSTRATING – lets see what happens when their families all start getting sick – Just boggles me :)

  9. ThePaleWriter

    OP is this your video or someone elses? It’s great either way but more respect to you if it’s yours.

  10. OpeningYourEyes

    #76 – Top Favorited (This Month)) – Education – United Kingdom

    See if you guys can find it !! 😛

  11. Star80s

    Brutal, y como en muchos otros vídeos, podemos ver la diferencia entre contrail y chemtrail. Qué salvajada.

  12. Automat1kkk


    wow, this is crazy! fanatic truther ? looks like they can’t see the difference between normal things and conspiracy things..

    Use your brain and rethink your thinking!

    thanks for unmarking OYE !

  13. angel16659

    OMG ….this is so shit…and nobody see this..all my friends think i am crazy about this CHEMS.
    all people in the world must stand up and stop this shit!
    sorry for my english..:-)

  14. Neurolanis

    Great capture of these things. They sometimes cover our skies too. Chemtrails appear out of nowhere, lower than the jets, wide and dense.


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