14 thoughts on “Chemtrail @ 35,000 feet.

  1. TheKMCollection

    I’ve been watching the chemtrail/weather interaction everyday for the past
    7-8 years. Chemtrails DO NOT cause rain. The components in chemtrails dry
    out the upper atmosphere and destroy the chances for rain.

  2. dvmcgovern

    @TheKMCollection They may not MAKE it rain but they certainly do affect the
    weather. I too have been watching them for the last 8 years. Daph

  3. Lookup2Wakeup

    All the airlines are in on this as NO ONE ever speaks out about this
    pollution & they fly through it every day.

  4. rushfan9thcmd

    @D4M4G3D chemicals for rain have been used for years……although humidity
    levels will be on the rise with an approaching front, by checking upper air
    data, you can see what altitudes would permit condensation and persistant
    trail formation. If you have trails and no altitude would permit such
    formation, something out of the ordinary is taking place.

  5. dvmcgovern

    @av8er152 I don’t mind the back and forth as long as its friendly. The
    other 2 guys I finally had to block were the worst shills I have ever
    encountered. And if I move on from a subject it’s because I feel like its a
    lost cause discussing it. The Gov. has admitted to Geo Engineering the
    weather. They have been at it for 50 years. You never did tell me your
    name. Daph

  6. dvmcgovern

    @rushfan9thcmd Yes as a matter of fact they after a week of no spraying
    they started up again 2 days ago and are hard at it this morning. We have a
    weather front coming. I believe when they spray like this it helps to form
    more clouds making the weather come in sooner. I am also going to start
    watching the Satanic holidays and full moons as well as other holidays to
    see what the spraying is like then. I know the full moon really brings out
    the spraying. The last 3 months have been wicked bad.

  7. dvmcgovern

    @av8er152 Do you know that they have been spraying since 1958! And they
    have admitted it. Not only here but in England as well. What I think is
    that with all of this back and forth you are trying to convince yourself
    and not me. It is futile. Daph

  8. rushfan9thcmd

    nice video!!….do you ever notice certain times for trails, especially
    before a weather pattern moves through? …..I’ve noticed some heavy trails
    12-24 hours before a low pressure front moves through here in central
    Illinois. This morning, crystal blue sky with jets passing with only normal
    short contrails……….I try to keep up on the upper air plots to see how
    the dew point and temperature are. …..keep up the great work!!!


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