8 thoughts on “Chemtrail 4

  1. crashlight1

    I noticed that the first plane, from 1:00 to about 1:40, seems to be having problems with one of the engines sputtering ;).?

  2. sicwhitt

    I? printed a few pages from wiki on “cloud seeding” and gave them to some unaware robot people who said BS on the subject, now they are silenced hmmm lol but there are to many like that seems

  3. TheNowaytogo

    Incredible world , here in south of france, sky is haze by huge night chemtrails, fibers are really back, thanks for? spreading the truth!

  4. ella5024

    Those planes are Morgellons entities. They are demons. Morgellons is a physical manifestation of demonic possession, and many people are going to be controlled by these? demons.

  5. tectalabyss

    Hello Crashlight1. You would think if this were something to help the People that they would tell what or at least come up with a Believable story. I guess that just goes to show they aren’t worried about what us bottom? feeders think !. great Video my Friend. Take Care….Tec


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