25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Activist

  1. MRbombonel

    @LugiaLightning I doubt the government gives a shit about farmers’ crops, they wouldn’t spend millions of tax payers’ dollars to “make the harvest bigger”… for the proof watch on google videos there are a lot of documentaries

  2. firstwave2

    @AntiRacismAndHateCom and of course you are a complete stupid fucking moron.Chemtrails are the product of spray nozzles not jet engines.

  3. tphillips68

    @LAOTG way to drag hollywood into it. let me guess, gay? reduce the soy in your diet and get back to me. thanks for playing

  4. alexcreador

    Buen video, como ya sabras hay una raza llamada Reptilianos, de los iluminati haciendo esto y muchos otros genocidios para reducir la poblacion, tengo fe en los buenos profesionales que detengan esto a tiempo, antes de perder todas nuestras familias por los contaminantes. Que Dios y los pocos Humanos que no son corruptos nos ayuden, Amen..

  5. IwontConform

    @LugiaLightning No.Chemtrails are adversely affecting crops in some areas because the aluminum from the fallout is making the soil too alkaline which inhibits normal growth.Yes,the samples are real.There have been many samples taken which reveal alarming levels of various metals(like aluminum,barium,thorium,gallium and strontium)all of which are toxic.Polymers and biological materials have also been found in samples.

  6. LugiaLightning

    Can it be possible that these chemtrails are only benefiting our crops because of adding more UV value to achieve more crops? (water-based clouds and making ‘rainbows’ in the sky)… I’m not for or against anyone, i’m also wondering if these samples and reportings of such chemicals are proven for real? Just an unbiased looking for an answer. 😉 I am interested in finding our more about these, that’s all. Thanks.

  7. TheFactsMatter

    @batonpatriot Speaking of pills…I believe you could benefit from some medication. Seek help.
    And anyone who uses Matrix references in a conversation, is automatically a douche.

  8. TheFactsMatter

    @batonpatriot, No, you didn’t “state” that…but you implied that the REASON you have them is because of some imagined project. I was just wondering if the SAME non-existent “project” had anything to do with the trails I see. ” Yes, chemtrails are chemtrails”

    LOL! No, chemtards are ignorant.

    They are nothing but persistent contrails and you are uneducated in the subjects of aviation and atmospheric science.

  9. batonpatriot

    @TheFactsMatter You need an SRA.
    Did I STATE chemtrails were only indigenous
    to LOS ANGELES? WAKE UP! Yes, chemtrails are chemtrails
    no matter where they are or WHO sees them. They are planet
    wide, of course.

  10. TheFactsMatter

    @batonpatriot “But try this, google; COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES WEATHER MODIFICATION PROJECT”

    Yeah, and the fact that I see the trails in the Boston area is proof that it’s no longer a “County of Los Angeles” project I assume?!

    Sorry, they are ALL contrails. Your ignorance of that fact is hilarious AND sad.

  11. TheFactsMatter

    Please, anyone who cares about the facts about the trails in the sky, take the? time to learn the facts about science and aviation before you make any quick decisions. This is a very heated subject and there is QUITE a bit of paranoid ignorance being passed off as? “fact” in the “chemtrail” debate. Please take the time to learn from those who are actually qualified to teach others about the atmosphere and/or aviation. Specifically, air saturation and the jet engine. Thanks

  12. batonpatriot

    Great going guys! It is hard just to get people to LOOK UP! But try this, google; COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES WEATHER MODIFICATION PROJECT

  13. LAOTG

    @tphillips68 Typical response from a conspiracy theorist who has no actual evidence of anything. Let me guess, your favourite move stars Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart?

  14. acedagaiin

    spread the word when taking video of chemtrails they need to add an important valid landmark start compiling evidence for a world wide class action law suit. watch?v=QBPncz_xbaA

  15. IYAMNI

    Yesterday Los Angles had record breaking heat. Today’s forecast was for scattered clouds and more record heat. I woke up this morning to a sky filled with uniform overcast. Like it was painted across the sky. No sunlight is getting through. They must have been busy last night.

    I think this is what they were preparing for. I believe all these years they have been practicing making clouds just for this time.


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