Chemtrail Acts – Facts & Impacts 2009 HD

More Chemtrails in 2009 documenting the evidence.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Acts – Facts & Impacts 2009 HD

  1. directech111

    Another thread where ignoramuses are busy talking about something they know nothing about. For example:
    “I can feel it getting hotter, so it must be global warming.”
    “That white smoke coming off all of the jets must be chemicals, ’cause the government is behind it.”
    “Even happened in WWII. After they dropped bombs on Germany, they took the time to expel some chemtrails from the bombers.”
    If you think they are chemtrails – you are retarded..

  2. jeiviel

    nice one studentdebts.. love the haters!!! well anyway.. like your video.. it’s interesting.. keep on uploading more related videos

  3. studentdebts

    If anyone does not like this type of music, Please view the video with the audio sound off,You can do something about it instead of Complaining,thats what I do when Viewing other People”s Videos with Music I dont appreciate:”Thank-You” all:-)

  4. studentdebts

    “Thank-You”For You Comment,will use different approach in Future,Obviously This Kind of Music is not to everyones Taste,But Thanxs for Your Valid Point:-)

  5. hateutoo100


    I am 5 seconds into your video, and the idea of listening to your techno-pop dance song the whole time is sickining.

    Fuck your musical taste. Stop ruining videos like this you-tubers.

    Just put appropriate or common music.

    Fucking idiots think they are introducing us to cool music, because they like it. Were gonna say “this person is awesome like the music. I am gonna be a fan of both now.”


  6. tomoxxxxxxxx

    Stop chems over Croatia. Why they are even interested in this small country? why are we so significant?99 percent of the world even don’t know where is

  7. BlazenBrian

    NAH chemtrails are a conspiracy theirs no proof for them. Our governments would never hurt us they love us and have all of our best interest at heart – fact is conspiracy theories are be proven right day by day WAKE THE FUCK UP NOW tell everyone you know what you’ve seen and heard and STOP THE NWO

  8. tg112001

    I’m in Fremont and we were getting sprayed HEAVILY yesterday. I just uploaded a vid called CHEMTRAIL DAY!! Fremont

  9. Enki1968

    Excellent video I wil come back to rate a second time ! ***** ***** *****
    And about the drones here… there are no REAL debunkers left anymore…it cannot be debunked.
    Be careful with those energy suckers, they could very well be programmed virtual YT accounts with standard repearting replys and comments (didnt you notice?) peace of cake for a software developper , think a chess computer wont get away with repeating the word ice crystals all the time gege
    Peace my friend

  10. studentdebts

    Thank-You4Your Question,Sorry4Not Answering Earlier,We Have Looked to William Thomas&Clifford Carnicom as our main sources,but now we are compelled to Review the entire Issue from a new fresh perspective outside the internet&youtube with a Meteorologist,in our next video we will approach this subject with a new fresh angle with some hard hitting Questions as to the Nature of these Trails even if we are wrong.

  11. UninterestedNU

    “We are at this moment in dialogue with a Meteoroligist on the whole chemtrail issue”

    Wow, get a spell check!! It’s Meteorologist, BTW.

    And PLEASE tell me that it isn’t Scott Stevens you are talking to.

    He’s just a nut. I’m sure you guys would pick him JUST because he’s gone off the deep end.

    He is disgraced.

    Keep in mind, you need to discuss this with someone who has both an education in meteorology, and aviation experience. The two are tied together when you start discussing trails.

  12. UninterestedNU

    I take it personally because you idiots are making STUPID assumptions about things you know NOTHING about. You are accusing an industry that ferries people from one place to another as a SERVICE, of polluting the air we breath INTENTIONALLY.

    That is just fucking retarded, considering no extra chemicals have been found.

    Sorry, it’s all just a stupid hoax.

  13. UninterestedNU

    I’m not here to educaate anyone. I’m here to mock and laugh at you complete fucking retards for falling for a hoax. A BAD hoax at that! Nothing about it makes any sense. You retards are just too paranoid and stupid to understand that. It’s hilarious.

    I don’t have “tactics”. I honestly don’t care if you absolute morons EVER figure this out! Your stupidity, is MY entertainment. Please stay stupid.

  14. UninterestedNU

    “UninterestedNU you know nothing about physics.”

    And you know NOTHING about aviation and meteorology. I guess we are even.

  15. 3phaec

    Thats right only I view him as a Disinfo agent. Not everyone else. Because you haven’t seen this guy trying to debunk so many chemtrails vids, NWO vids, etc. Just click on his page and go to his favorites, and you will see this guy just being negative and trying to debunk shit. If he doesn’t believe in any of this, then just leave us TRUTHseekers alone. And yes I know it’s natural to have opposition and friction for these topics, But personally I am saying Fuck him not any of you guys.

  16. 3phaec

    Truth doesn’t have to be validated by Ignorance. Good luck though because this is the end of America and eventually the rest of humanity.

  17. studentdebts

    UninterestedNU,we do not view you as a Disinfo-agent or sheeple,we believe you have the right to say what you have to say, we would not block you.We are at this moment in dialogue with a Meteoroligist on the whole chemtrail issue,its been very insightful.Sadly some people have taken this whole issue personally2heart.

  18. UninterestedNU

    Hehe, I’m coming for you! Muhahahahahahaha!!

    You ignorant alarmists are a fucking riot! Thanks for the paranoid comedy gold!


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