3 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL AIR LINE LIST 2012 ” Footage”

  1. bombax17

    Je suis un des témoins de l’épandage aérien? massif de notre pays depuis quelques années deja …Et
    L’incroyable bordel de merde dans lequel nous sommes, sans l’avoir demandé, me fout la gerbe.

  2. pLirff

    The most popular aircraft used in? the private sector for aerosol spraying is Learjet 35A. This is a small, but a high-performance twin-turbofan aircraft that has participated very successfully in many cloud-seeding operations. It is flown by a two-pilot crew and is equipped with anti-ice or ant-hail spraying devices. The Learjet 35A is very light and fast; it can reach altitudes of over 40,000 ft, facilitating operations above thunderstorm clouds. It can also operate in severe weather conditions


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