1. Robert Norton

    Exactly! Thats what the disinformation campaign is all about. They are complete liars and misrepresent? how informed we are about all of these dirty little corrupt establishment secrets.

  2. James Medina

    Yes, i read a comment of a guy that said these “lobbyists” were doing that to just cover first page and said to always do page? down to see if anything was happening in that channel.Next day I checked where he said that I had to do 20 page downs. He was wrong by a mile I think?

  3. hashima777

    seems? like the lobbists that pay comentaters to bombard ur link so it would sound like there is an opinion of people not giving a damn… all this people down here righting random comments are following protocols! what to say so the do sound like civilans accpeting it!…

  4. Brian Rutherford

    I read enough to know? that what this guy is saying is entirely possible. Any Mechanic that can’t trace a line (or recognize extra lines with no obvious function) has no business being on a plane unsupervised.. I know I could do it after my 8 years in the USAF… I’d love to have a look for myself.

  5. JockCountry

    i wish this pussy had given us his name. other than? that, great job. but it’s the midnight hour and we need to come forth.

  6. Scampergirl

    They die(usually from injury, predadation or disease)…but they don’t die in mass dyings that have been reported.? This is not a natural occurence….

  7. 408Magenta

    What are they spraying.Why are they spraying. If it’s a sinister activity, this would affect everyone would it not, rich or poor, white or black?? What’s the point? of it all??


    Someone might suggest to people that the metals being sprayed? from these jets can accelerate forest-fires. And might be the reason for increased global temperature,s as well as the increase of severity in forest fires.

  9. The Original LadySka

    Thank you so much for your valuable information. For those of us who know something isn’t quite right we need people like you to give us this insight. Most people don’t even know that they are being slowly poisend on a daily basis. When I look up to the sky I despair. I see dozens of planes across the sky of where I live pumping out gallons of crap daily and everyone carries on? like it’s normal”. Thank goodness some of us are awake to this but what can we do?

  10. einrib4truth

    These “Hidden from Public Scrutiny Parasites” watch “EVERYTHING and ANYONE” who are already “AWAKE” to what these Insane Parasites; AKA “Zionist/Jews” are Stealthily and Deceivingly doing throughout the World and have been doing for CENTURIES! But NO-ONE can Publicly Speak-Out about them as THEY OWN the Internet and the Worlds? Mass-Media and if and when the WORLD “Wakes-UP” and finally join the Deceptive Dots… Then these Insane Parasites “New World (ENSLAVING) Order” is also finished

  11. mbt777

    That would require him having brain cells…so? I don’t think your giving him this link will help in the slightest…and maybe HE is one of THEM!

  12. RM Olson

    You are the moron,… I have worked outside for 40 years… There are now chemtrails. I have seen the sky crisscrossed so closely that it looked like diamonds. They totally made a clear sky cloudy looking.

    Check out this video

    beforeitsnews dot com/story/1813/031/NL/ change the dot to a? period

  13. Jonathan Taylor

    BIRDS DYING BY THE THOUSANDS? NOOOO! Around 155,000 die every day, do not forget that there are many more of them than humans. Animals and insects dying is the worst evidence for a quack theory like this I’ve ever seen.?

  14. robert smith

    @tnoyy34rt yes there ARE chemtrails. Don’t be fooled by bs I load this? shit up at Hartsfield Jackson International airport. There are a few mechanics who volunteer to do this and I’ve done this a few times

  15. 0rcinus

    youtube is blocking me posting this link unless I? do this
    w w w dot o r g o n i t e dot i n f o
    only way it works learn to build a device to? fight this.

  16. OlBlueshound

    PMSL mate your a legend, and absolutely right! The more these soulless corrupted individuals post their scripted disinfo on? here, the easier it is to see they have an agenda. They sold their soul and moral compass for the mighty dollar, they will die empty human beings. The masses are so programmed and conditioned that they will follow anyone of authority rather than think for themselves. Lol all they have to do is RESEARCH for themselves, but they won’t! Cheers.

  17. EnergySupply2008

    Here – educate? your self, the man in this video is geoengineer David Keith, he tells congress we need to spray 20 million metric tons – notice on the video, the spraying is already happening. Who is the moron? Seems to be you, so sad.

  18. tnoyy34rt

    – nonsense , there are 1000’s of commercial planes in the air at any given time. 2 – 3,000 private jets in the? air all the time, so it’s clear you don’t know what you are talking about.

    there is no such thing as “chemtrails” you moron… you mean “contrails”.

  19. Jane Doe

    No, that would be a con-trail. Very different. Con trails dissipate rather quickly and aircraft are not laying con-trails from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm,m 6-8 craft in the sky at all times, covering the sky in a grid lock pattern. There isn’t that much commercial traffic in the sky. ? Chem trails to not dissipate but spread out in a feathering pattern and fall to the ground.


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