ChemTrail AirCraft UP CLOSE Spraying! Thick Heavy ChemTrails Video From Another Plane!

ChemTrails are being Sprayed OVER your home! Get involved in what is getting Sprayed Right on YOU, your friends and loved ones! Contact your State Governor through their Website. We need MORE people to record whats Going on Above your Heads! How about you? Look Up People! Get involved in what is getting DUMMPED in the SKY, Video Whats going on, Create your OWN YouTube Channel and UPLOAD and make Public what they are doing to us! Also I encourage Everyone to search for and WATCH the Documentary ” What In the World Are they Spraying? ” It has SCIENTIFIC FACTS and many statements from REAL SCIENTISTS with PhD’s that will TELL you that ChemTrails ARE REAL and that they are DANGEROUS and BAD for Humans, Animals Plants and Tree’s! Up Close Aircraft !

25 thoughts on “ChemTrail AirCraft UP CLOSE Spraying! Thick Heavy ChemTrails Video From Another Plane!

  1. TheDjKevon

    those are normal contrails as a result of the minus 0 temperatures in that FL? are liberated from the engines! think about this how can a civil jet liberate chemical contrails!? thats absurde!

  2. BritishDanny30

    Incredibly though, without any vision enhancing technology, or any knowledge of aviation, meteorology or physics, you can instantaneously know with full conviction that this is real!!

    well with you people around who the fuck needs the hubble telescope huh??? you know it all by not actually knowing fuck all!! quite amazing!!

    actually its just pure fckin delusion, paranoia being preached by total arrogance and a massive amount of stupidity that is on level par with the religiously brainwashed!!?

  3. BritishDanny30

    you people must be fckin bionic!! how can you, with your naked eye, see 7 miles into the sky at a tiny metal dot and instantly know with totall 100% conviction that what you see is a chemtrail sprayer??

    anyone can look up and see with their eyes, but you need an educated brain to know? what you’re seeing, it also needs to possess the logic to know that you cant decipher anything further than your naked eyes vision capabilities. that’s why people need binoculars, cameras etc.

  4. BritishDanny30

    if people haven’t noticed already, these filmers & photographers are always either too far away, or film out of focus. they film only seeing the belly of the aircraft from below. yet if you go onto proper aircraft websites, you’ll see photographs of high quality pictures taken by decent cameras, of aircraft flying above or below 30’000ft, with contrails & all. These lying ignorant fools don’t know aircraft types? or airlines & as soon as i start naming them 1 by 1 they block me!
    I wonder why!!

  5. BritishDanny30

    if you bothered to sift a few degrees to the right or left you wouldve seen the tail logo!! but did anyone notice? that he himself was flying?? he was in a damn jet making the exact same contrails but never acknowledges that logical fact intentionally. also, there was an aircraft to his 10 o’clock…notice how he never filmed that??? why?? because you would’ve been able to see the tail logo and airline name on the side and by process of elimination known it wasn’t any kind sprayer!!

  6. BritishDanny30

    How on earth can you post a video of an Air France A340-300 flying with very clear exhaust contrails…and then say its chemtrails? why are you lying?

    People this video is a fraud. there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it’s a normal Air France airliner, i can tell by the logos on the bottom of the engines!!
    These liars are constantly filming real legit airliners & falsely calling them sprayers because they have? never in 17 years filmed an actual chemtrail sprayer!!

    blatant liars!!

  7. brokenbeforetime

    Looking outside on a clear day an seeing the sky filled with trails the expand out to cover the entire sky with a white haze proves that? its not contrails…they are trying to protect the earth from an aggravated sun

  8. bcaffrey98

    Nothing to see here, move along. These are not “chemtrails” but CONtrails produced by hot engine exhaust. These can be produced by jet or piston engines when outside temperatures are much colder at altitude. During WW-II, B-17’s, B-24’s and other aircraft left miles-long contrails in the freezing German skies (outside temps from -20? to +30) and they persisted for hours. Google “B-17 + contrails”. Or see goodsky[dot]homestead[dot]com [/]files[/]deception5.html

  9. officialCIAchannel

    Prolly got TubeTool or something to send? the video to loads of people. And better footage than you ; )

  10. hairtogovideos

    these are not clouds and not contrails, they are swarms of genetically engineered mini fly like insects. They have been spraying them all over very? heavy to hide the surveillance and spy drone air crafts hiding behind them. the insects? come from hot climates and swarm in front of the sun very thick to block it out, but have been imported all over via spray by planes. boiling vinegar and playing music drives them away. they breed around water and cover miles! they use these to make it rain.

  11. faceDcrook

    awesome catch! people better educate themselves – not trolling around here trying to wrap their heads around complex weather-engineering, first off. It’s disturbing to see all these people in denial, clearly under some sort of mind-controll -? no one can remainthat stupid when all this information available on the subject. If they not ‘wish’ to.

  12. connor3449

    It’s just a contrail don’t be worried you can see this because of the water vapour swirling from the blast of the engines don’t listen to people about these chemtrails please don’t be worried its just water vapour which can then form clouds if the atmospheric conditions are right that’s sometimes why on a clear day the sky? clouds over from contrails


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