Chemtrail and Nanobots

After 3 days of particularly heavy chemtrails, we found what look like nanobots (nanotechnology robots) in Sonia’s room. They look like tiny little silver he…

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail and Nanobots

  1. CT2507

    what!?.. u tell us in the comments that ”
    It did turn out to be glitter. But it’s better to be informed and safe
    rather than ignorant and sorry.”.. and u still haven’t deleted this video
    yet?! how is that helping the cause ???

  2. WhiteRhino559

    you cant see nano bots your dum.. i thing you are here to scare people..
    nothing you have said is factual . Originally by the military.NICE were is
    your research from. listen to you The matrix WOW you are a genius.. And now
    you using scare tactic to raise people natural paranoia.. LOL yes
    everything is a conspiracy lets listen to the idiots in the hall way.. Just
    cause you can make something doesnt mean its a weapon against you. Dont
    scare people it not nice .. people wake up.

  3. Mathieu Matt

    When the time comes, you can cry and beg and moan all you want but you aint
    gonna do shit. Your ennemy is 25.000 feets above. Good luck !! Peace 2all
    and stay alive!!

  4. asburyparkangel

    WOW! This is URGENTLY EVIL Thank you dear ladies for informing us. My
    husband , pastors & I will be praying for your protection. You’re VERY
    courageous for posting this. WE had better start praying against this EVIL
    and ASK GOD”S protection. JOHN 3:16 and PSALM 91. DECREE psalm 91 over
    yourself, your loved ones & family.

  5. TrutherD1

    My channel has some recent darkfield microscope analyis of chemtrail rain
    water. Interestingly, I found many red fibers and white slivers. Could the
    red fibers be what are coming out of peoples skin in the documentary “The
    Ultimate Chemtruth” (Google video)? Could the white ones be aluminum?

  6. tenderevolved

    I understand how no words can describe the fear, but unfortunately after
    about 800 hrs. of research the unbelievable is true. Look up “red wine spit
    test”, so far no one has passed then go to carnicom institue / org. for the
    very concise scientifc research, it is beyond comprehension. The best 3
    video’s I’ve seen to show you this is by “shariann710”. It appears we are
    ALL infected (from chemtrails) it’s in the blood even if no visible signs
    are present. I am so sorry, never lose hope. Peace

  7. Paul Singbeil

    I have been gettin random muscle problems as well.. and i searched and went
    to doctors and no answers it just randomly became something .. so i
    searched online for answers and all I have found are more people with the
    same aflictions and no answers

  8. mysticmax777

    nanotech is not always nano size though even though the term implies it
    should be it can be visible by the eye if its not true nano size but if its
    the size of oh say an aids virus or even a simple yet engineered molecular
    object simiilar to a virus that would be a form of nano scale technology
    technically in a way viruses themselves are nature’s nanobots smart dust is
    nanotech we use nanotech in many of our computer hardware even medical
    methods can use nanotech

  9. thetruthergirls

    The ‘nanobots’ turned out to be glitter from my shoe, as explained in the
    follow-up video, so I hope the CIA have bigger fish to fry. You can’t save
    your ass by trying to lay low. They are determined to wipe out 90% of us.
    Might as well do what you can to expose them. They will have you on the
    blue list just for watching such videos.


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