Chemtrail Anomalies

Huge Chemtrail with Featured Colours,Followed by strange unusual Colours,Patterns,Designs and Formations In The Skies Subsequently Proceeding Theses Chemtrail activities Turning it into a Spooky Creepy Sky:

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Anomalies

  1. 1eye4revolution

    I saw something similar to this. ONLY through my sun glasses which are polarized. When I took them off to look with my naked eye, I could not see the colors.

  2. Cloudy011

    I call them “hotlines” Orbs/craft/light pulses travel them like hyways and use for cloking huge ships. Back in 2002 we were hot and heavy making ppl aware. Had groups around the usa taking photos and emailing congress ppl. yeah back then the sky dripped with darker goo and webs of silver threads floated with bio chemicals or man made trouble impossible for the average american to believe. what will be will be* Its too big now for anyone to stop

  3. belvedere106

    Yessssss!! what great evidence u got there my friend!!!

    It is time to stop this to an end! They have done this too long and to freaking often lately so that now people are starting to ask questions..

    Keep up the good work!

  4. spaceportseven

    i think along these line (no pun), HG Wells was bright, i feel its virus against a life form we are not being told about and any exvuse under the sun is better than aliens are floating all around us in many forms

  5. seekYEthetruth

    I’ve seen the fine particles under street lights.
    Really fine. Metallic almost.

    London is being hammered.
    247 everyday for the past year.
    Its time to talk to some local MP’s.
    (Manipulated Puppets)

  6. z1zaz

    They are
    And you can see them at night

    Take a picture of the sky at around midnight when the cool air is ‘falling’ Hold your camera at arm’s length and see the particles sparkle like glitter in front of your camera’ flash

    Then download on to the computer and photo software enhance the image
    Brightness 24, Contrast 47, Saturation 47.
    Do this 2-3 times and watch the out of focus reflections appear as if they are coloured ‘orbs’ floating in the air.
    Brighter = closer

    Well Ruffle ?

  7. z1zaz

    Yes they do spray at night, and you seem to be still sleeping !

    Would you like to see my photos of several different overflights with the sprays suddenly being turned on all over the same area.

    Maybe you will try and tell me that the planes arrived there via different means, or the air temperature suddenly became cold as the planes flew through lovely warn air heated by 3hrs of sunshine.

    Wake up !

  8. seekYEthetruth

    This is a fantastic document. Salute.

    This is just a suggestion… Maybe they’re firing sub micron glass particles up there… That would explain the prism effect.. Just a thought like. Secondly, i’ve filmed the infamous shiny white orb thing that everybody’s been seeing. Weird shit up there. Five star vid. Thanks

  9. brightonchemtrails

    I think your in the UK? where abouts? You have got to show these Hi-Res images to Gordon Brown via Youtube No.10 Downing streets beta Youtube channel check the Communicate link .. 5***** I will be video jacking some MPs soon

  10. brightonchemtrails

    Just what i was thinking like War of the fackin Worlds! high levels of aluminium iadate and barium sulphides..

  11. clearSIGHT009

    Great catch and video my friend. Like the way you have made it. You have catch big picture into few minutes also.
    This trail is really huge, and such intensive colours in it showing high concentration of metals/chemical ingredients in it. And those anomalies – sky is totaly science fiction. Many weird stuff visible here also, new cloud forms…
    Great work, many******

  12. RuffleTheTeacher

    Come on, people…. THINK!!
    An on/off switch?!! Really? That sounds so reasonable! Of course they would flip a switch like a three year old in the back seat of a minivan! This is caused by solar radiation, both UV and infrared.
    Question: If they are trying to spray shit into the atmosphere, why call attention to it by making a Morse Code message?
    Better still… why do it in the day light? Why not do it at night when no one is looking and you could spray 10x more 10x longer?
    Our Sun’s angry!

  13. spaceportseven

    the local canal here has just been suffocated by a toxic green algae, makes dogs noses sore when they drink. this is a mess and like the brittany toxic seaweed in france, are both of these geo engineering also, pssibly genetically modified forms of algae >?=

  14. spaceportseven

    nicw one, more vids like this, more awareness ! im telling my benefits i wont go out on such days for health and safety reasons, this sort of this might help bring attention to it. the woman i told said i was psychologically disturbed, these are the people who need to know whats really happening.

  15. YourFunny13

    Nice work as usual mate, look forward to the day we can stop this EVIL but very tall order the people are getting worse this chem must be effecting them real bad now as they fall deeper into a spell.

  16. psyleo7

    Awsome presentation. The Chembows abound. What does that tell you Archie? To me it says that there are also petroleum by-products in the mix. Like when you spill a drop of gasoline in a small puddle and watch the pretty coulors ripple to the edge. I hope I am listening to your jammin’ beats as the Fu*kers nuke us! God Bless you Archie, nice work!

  17. exposethenwo2012

    Excellent video, plenty of everything in this, some nasty and some amazing. Love the tone changes, some spook sh1t in this video.

    Great evidence,



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