CHEMTRAIL Assault over Austin Texas – An Amazing Time-lapse

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25 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL Assault over Austin Texas – An Amazing Time-lapse

  1. Travelwise65

    Anyone who thinks that man made climate change is a “hoax” is a brain dead ostrich who needs to turn of Fox and hate radio. Instead of spraying toxins, we SHOULD be switching to clean, green renewable energy sources. The? technology exists to get off fossil fuels completely right now. The political will does not exist though; he who controls the energy controls the planet. Instead of doing anything sensible, they are DESPERATE to keep the status quo. That’s what this is about.

  2. jcblrui

    They are killing mankind…here in Spain “they are spaying? those stuff over our heads…Aluminium, Barium, estrocium, and who knows what else …those Crazy Devils…we are coacKroaches for them……. suggestions.for who can read and act…find all info in youtube about? those trails and subscribe them …it’s just the way to fight them..just giving the others more info…Or maybe one day Bombing their planes.
    as it look like few people want to see the sky..our former skies. SPREAD THE MESSAGE

  3. Ben St

    Absolutely, any general research will show that trails can last for hours and? since there is quite a bit of air traffic(2 million people on average are on an aircraft at all times), it can create a nasty layer of white condensation throughout the sky (which in all agreement) I hate looking at that and prefer a blue sky.

  4. DumpYourTelevision

    Have you any idea what the side effects are with the production of “iPhones”?

    If you hate yourself as much as any other human well.. blame your parent for allowing the madness? to continue.
    When you eventually “wake up” perhaps you too may see where the madness is actually coming from, but then there not much time left for the madness to continue, when the oil runs out it will all come to a stop anyway, and sanity will be in charge once more.

    Don’t think about it though, it might wake you up

  5. DumpYourTelevision

    I doubt if they are upto anything other than struggle as any business.
    I concur that anyone is putting anything other than fuel in the planes too, are you aware that the atmosphere has shrunk at least by five miles in this solar cycle? this is why I think the trails are becoming persistent at high altitudes – if anyone researches the fundamental (the air in which planes fly in) they maybe a? little surprised and realise that their prior belief that they are “chems” could be seen as a farce.

  6. Ben St

    Maybe the government is up to something? weird, but that’s not going to stop me from living everyday, but to facts, there’s nothing being put in trails to make people sick.

  7. DumpYourTelevision

    its okay, humans are stupid, they wont even last into the next century..
    there far too many mouths to feed, and not enough food/oil/local infrastructure for that to happen, big corporations (stupid people) have raped them of all community values and left a desert that depends? upon them..

  8. DumpYourTelevision

    you’ve? read what you wanted to read there buddy.
    the persistent trails only occur in high pressure weather conditions.

    if it were not for the stupid people using planes there would be no lines in the sky full stop.
    like there would be no ignorant people left in the world as long as there is youtube and other social websites.
    (tongue in cheek!!!)

    But as I already said, most WANT to believe in this shit anyway, ignorant or not.

  9. Ben St

    Honestly, I’d have to see proof by seeing the actual chemicals being activated in the plane itself to believe such an atrocity in our government, I understand someone can be on a 117k salary and they tell them? “Keep this on the low or we will fire you and your resume will be garbage so do it” but still, alot of people would say no just because of their values, money is worth nothing if everyone is dead.

  10. Roman Bellic

    As I said “Not to mention some scenes use pictures? (similar to Greenscreen) so it? may just be a regular Contrails in the pic looking like a chemtrail”

  11. DumpYourTelevision

    ” so it may just be a regular Contrain in the pic? looking like a chemtrail ”

    Best? have a re-think there buddy… so many would disagree with you, even the chemtrailers …

  12. DumpYourTelevision

    “Yes… but were those films from the 1990s?”

    As stated in my previous comment, no! from the 1950’s!
    Were talking well before “green screens” computer generated graphics etc.. were talking real “film” the stuff you have to put through a chemical process to get the images, yes, in 1950’s.. in colour [color for my USA friends]
    Do some real research by looking at stuff from a very early film making time. it will take you ages? mind you, or just believe what you want without the research, up to you!

  13. Roman Bellic

    Yes… but were those films from the 1990s?
    Not to mention some scenes use pictures (similar to Greenscreen)? so it may just be a regular Contrain in the pic looking like a chemtrail

  14. DumpYourTelevision

    chemtrails have been going on ever since jet engines were invented? and used at very high altitudes.. there are films out there from the late 50’s with chemtrails in them, start looking at early films and see for yourself 😀

  15. DumpYourTelevision

    yeah, always with a high pressure overhead, most want to believe in this stuff,? so trying to make them change their minds is futile, its like asking to change their religion: religion=belief

  16. DumpYourTelevision

    HAARP ? is radio electro magnetic waves, the same waves we are able to see with – except at a much lower frequency dude: its also what makes radios work!

  17. Roman Bellic

    They are just trying? to play God, the earth can live on it’s own without humans, with? Maybe… but not with these people spraying Chemicals


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