Chemtrail Assault Over Central Oregon, June 22, 2010

One of the worst chemtrail days I have filmed to date!! Tons of chemtrails, enlarged photos of chemtrail planes and a sun halo. Due to excessive chemtrails, sunset and UFOs will be separate videos for today.

5 thoughts on “Chemtrail Assault Over Central Oregon, June 22, 2010

  1. commando602

    They made a mess out of your sky’s. Those bastards.
    Just wait till they kill off all the bee’s and the insects. Wait till they kill all the frogs and the tree’s all start to die. They have to come out of their underground bunkers sometime and there won’t be anything left for them… Woops!

  2. jamahurin

    @SchralperDotCom Agreed! They ruined today too. The first real summer type weather and they block the sun. I had to not film so much today. Yesterday had me in tears filming. I did get the sun halo we had earlier, now looks like thunderstorms rolling in. The sky is crying too : (


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