Chemtrail Assult over Portland Or. (7/29/13)

Todays was absolutely brutal! Non-stop bombings for hours. And to think, barely anyone even seems to care what a hideous impact this is having on the entire …

20 thoughts on “Chemtrail Assult over Portland Or. (7/29/13)


    This is such a common occurrence it blows me away how stoopid people can be to think that this is natural or that it is not harmful to us and to nature 8~( All of these sheeple deserve getting what is coming for them from their lack of empathy and ability to be a? free thinker…

  2. Musique3579

    Hi and thank you? for commenting. As always with any video, some will enjoy and others will dislike. Just normal I suppose and as always to be expected.

  3. squeakD

    Another thing to add. Perhaps the nay sayers should speak to commerical pilots who work for companies such as UPS and FEDEX. Do you nay sayers have any clue how many times their pilots have to request a change in altitude because of near misses with these planes. The planes do not show up on radar, and commerical pilots are having close calls with these aircraft all the time.? Wake up people! It’s real. The question is DO YOU believe the bullshit story the US government gave about them.

  4. squeakD

    What the hell will it take for all yo nay sayers to realize these are freakin real! The damn US government ALREADY ADMITTED TO THEM. This is no conspiracy theory. It’s real, and it’s happening every damn day. They’re spraying the skies. If you can’t look at these and tell the difference between them and contrails, then you’re clearly clueless. If you bother to? look up, you’ll even catch the planes spraying and REAL contrails right along side them. The contrails disappear. Chemtrails do not.

  5. TadyZaZ

    Yes, and we breathe automobile waste all the time. At the same time we have more food and live longer that people have lived ever before. It does some harm but not so huge as you might think. And yes, that cloud has? some traces of harmful chemicals, but no more than the waste being produced by the factory down the road or your own car.

  6. TadyZaZ

    I know that chemtrails are another stupid conspiracy theory but at the same time i would not say that government is good or friendly or helpful. Also onefourwhisky said nothing good or bad about government.Why are you so quick to? judge people?

  7. TadyZaZ

    I heard about chemtrail believers but i had no idea it was so “popular”? in US. I have never heard someone talking about it in Europe. Even man grandma knows it’s steam.

  8. MsSilentlightning

    I found it hard to believe what I have been seeing.Trails from aircraft that leave residues that hang around for hours and form clouds the shapes and? colors that are not usual or natural. Our rain water tests for aluminum, barium and strontium are positive, what are your results?

  9. onefourwhisky

    Since you chosen to say condensation trails are “brutal! Non-stop bombings” and “a hideous impact this is having on the entire Planet.”
    Then I have to ask, do you feel the same? way about CLOUDS ??? Do you think clouds are”brutal! Non-stop bombing”? AND what about YOURSELF .. do you think your breath is having a “hideous impact on the entire Planet.”? After all .. it the same chemical make up .as CONDENSATION TRAILS that you call “chemtrails” Well Musique???

  10. onefourwhisky

    The two many by-produce of a combustion engine, including a jet engine, are H2O and CO2. In the case of the persistent condensation trails, t he H2O by-produce combines with? the humid already in the surrounding air and raises the RH past supersaturation resulting in a persistent condensation trail that has the same chemical make up as a CLOUD ..
    Also note that CO2 is also a by product of EVERY LIVING thing .. including YOU

  11. NewDaysOldWays1

    Obviously you are ill informed about what cloud seeding is and the effects of the chemicals they are using. Either that or you’re a government shill! There’s over 15,000 approved patents registered with the Government for use in Weather Modification. I would suggest before making a comment on? any vids that you educate yourself. To quote Plato; “Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools talk, because they have to say something!”

  12. Musique3579

    No, this is not a joke. Chemical waste material caused by the internal combustion engines from a normal passenger? Plane would in the end be deemed chemicals of some type. The particles need not be frozen to be harmful. Example: The Automobile.

  13. onefourwhisky

    The sad truth is there are a few delusional / scientifically illiterate / ignorant people who are so incompetent that they are unable to understand that condensation can and some times does persist
    So when they see a persistent condensation? trail they jump onto the nutcase Alex Jones conspiracy rant of “the guverment is spraying chemicals .(IE “chemtrails)” And no amount of reason / fact etc can change their delusional minds
    Chemtrails believers= “chemtards’

  14. NewDaysOldWays1

    what their agenda is..we do know that there is a reason the Doomsday Seed Vault has been created! As an organic grower and a Honey Bee Keeper, I can tell you this is an attack on all living beings is going on almost worldwide! Most people are oblivious that they are? being poisoned on a daily basis. They are too busy with nonsensical issues and so caught up in the rat race that? when they finally realize something is wrong will probably be when they or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer! .


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