CHEMTRAIL ATTACK at Santa Monica: Part 2

Part 1: Massive Chemtrail Attack in Santa Monica, CA: Hapless Public Responds I suggest you click the ‘watch in high quality’ tab to watch this vid. Santa Monica, CA 12/14/08. Numerous planes were spraying the skies in southern California; the weather soon became gloomy and overcast. I asked locals if they knew what all the strange lines in the sky were and why the planes were spraying. In Part 2 more locals speculate on what is in the sky. NEWS REPORT: Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails Discussion here: Also see our vids Police State Measures At The ‘Statue of Liberty’ Our Visit To Waco, TX- Fifteen Years later Homepage:

25 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL ATTACK at Santa Monica: Part 2

  1. kattastrophe7

    i loveee doing this…thanks for posting this. it gives the rest of us more to push for knowing we arent alone. nyc is FUCKD..thats where i am. i may start posting them.

  2. Learkins

    It amazing how many people choose not to care. They give the Gov’t the ‘benifit of the doubt’?!! Yet these don’t appear to be stupid folks, just ignorant and unwilling to look in to the subject to find an answer.

    I guess they think ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’? WOW!! It’s just nuts, man. They actually think it’s normal?????

  3. MrGortari64

    It s wonderfull man and at the same time you gave me a very good fanny time that i didn t stop laughing, Let me tell you that it is the same reaction that i get from people when i tell them.Goshhhh I cant believe that people don’t look up the sky,come on look up the sky WAKE UUUP.

  4. SPYK3O

    It’s still water vapor, a by-product of every combustion reaction. Jets today fly much higher in the sky and produce much more water than aircraft in WW2. The altitude and temperature allows it to be seen. It usually freezes. Similar to cars in the cold you can see the exhaust but not normally when its warm.

  5. zmanthao

    to: switzeridoo
    Good pointers. Only way is to grow your own food and stay away from walmart and mcdonald food as much as possible. But said that most americans prefer the chemicals = doctors = government = parents. :-(

  6. AceOfHeart2012

    I have no first hand knowledge that the police are chipped but doesn’t it stand to reason that the enforcers would be the first to be? Soldiers too? What better way (besides good ol’ brainwashing) to control the enforcers? To me, it’s only the insane who believe they actually have authority over another flesh and blood living soul. We were ALL born on this planet! FUCK! Why do we continue to kowtow and pay fealty with fear to any other man or woman who like us was also born on this planet?

  7. switzeridoo

    ignorant sheeples everywhere…we get poisen to eat and drink and breathe every fucking day.why is fluoride in the drinking water and in toothpaste?where did fluoride come from…check it.why is aluminium in deodorants?why tensides in shampoos and soaps?why aspartame in food and drinks?the zero drinks contain acesulfam K…one of the most dangerous food additives around..but its legal…and so on,the list is endless.damn elite fuckers,damn sheeples

  8. AceOfHeart2012

    You’re breathing in Barium and aluminum which makes us visible on radar. They know that there will be resistance to the chip (and the cops are already chipped by the way) so they can track us on radar. I can dissolve chemtrails with my mind. Don’t laugh. Anyone can. Research “visual rays” and “cloud busting”. The trails which don’t dissipate are the chemtrails. The ones which dissipate and conventional condensation (con) trails left by tradition jet exhaust..A close up shows external tanks.

  9. waltermouthoh

    Try this: see the vids below w/ short quick “start/stops” on the Play btn. (best with tiltable screen too, like laptop). Do you see the “O Waves” or “Sky Waves”? (copy the following in youtube search 2 watch these vids):

    “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails?”

    “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment.”

    good site is soisnessdotorg.

  10. GrenadeChick99

    Why not? It does seem to be working, since regular con trails disapear before your eyes and these stay in the air, spread and dissapate. It is working because ppl don’t question enough and trust too much. Have you noticed more people are getting cancer earlier in their lives? What’s with that.

  11. JohnHenry2420

    If you think Im shitting you research HAARP. This is not
    a conspiracy I have been studying owning the weather as a force multiplier for 20 years. They started spraying over my home on March 3rd of 07. About a year ago theses stationary orbs have been sitting in the sky at night over my house. I would invite anyone who does not believe me to come over and see for yourself.

  12. JohnHenry2420

    Technically Planes only leave a contrail at 30 thousand feet or more. On take off you wont see anything as the plane leaves the strip to reach crusing altitude.And the conditions must be right. But needless to say the guys right about the chemtrails. The Airforce and the United Nations have been dumping this stuff in the atmosphere
    to control the weather as a force multiplier. The chemtrails are the metallic medium for HAARPS. ELF Frequencies

  13. ZionSamurai87

    either way you slice it its not natural and its nothin GOD like, and its definitely not something that is good for our bodies when they fill the air up with this stuff, its not like they are spraying vitamins and nutrients on people, so in the end what else can you conclude with that said….
    Chemtrails are apart of world depopulation if you ask me…

  14. ZionSamurai87

    ummmm yea go look up trans fat high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, msg, hydrogenated oils, GMOs, flouride in the water…. Once you realize that WE ARE BEING POISONED EVERY DAY you idiots will not think the chemtrail conspiracy is so far fetched….

  15. tbgx1

    we could test for chemicals as they fall.

    A low flying cessna could take a sample.

    I haven’t seen any real evidence for chemtrails.

  16. hk459

    The reason you sometimes get them and sometimes not has to do with the tempurature and humidity at altitude. Big conspiracies never work – too many people will talk, even on their deathbeds. Besides if they wanted to “poison” us, there would be far more efficient ways to do it than spraying something in the atmosphere at 30k feet. Think about it.

  17. wearechangenorwich

    just to point out… not all british lack logic common sense, rationale and critical thinking. like barium and aluminium dont poison us! just one of many effects..


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