24 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL ATTACK SOUTHERN ENGLAND 20th Feb. 2012 Part 1

  1. violashutters

    I look forward towards the Chemtrail Trials too. The massive amount of spraying happening is making? me so ill and depressed. It is sickening what some “humans” can stoop so low to be..

  2. yanmyrat

    Patrick all more and more civil flights involved into this genocide. And they spread like a disease. We have to do something about it and the easiest way is to demand from these airlines how they survive financial with so low fare. We are about to have our official group now and the firts issue on our? agenda will be this. Claiming that we have evedence that these companies have been supported from geo/g projects they will be asked to provide their prooves how they are standing financially.

  3. tbirdlauderdale

    That was a bad sprayday…..Better snap out of it folks and understand this is really going on..We all need to get out on the streets, point up to the sky and shout bloody murder…This is the greatest attack against life on earth that the planet has ever known……The wages of not waking up? is death

  4. crsbt

    something needs to be done,,even my housemate mr skeptic (still thinks the world is flat? lol) thinks this is beyond strange. .
    i see them starting the trails and ending them like they have a on/off switch.

  5. BINLASH123

    must be worth its pound for pound from the scientific purpose point of view and must? be beyond experimental stage because its being done across the globe simultaneously.

  6. FreeTruthShow

    i’m not getting a lot of these comments in my inbox so sorry if i can’t reply to all.? Thank you to everyone for watching and please spread my videos around.

  7. FreeTruthShow

    Very sorry to hear this. we are doing all we can to draw attention to this. you are? not alone. Somehow if millions looked into this more a massive effect might occur. i’m working flat out here and will never shut up. Never.

  8. FreeTruthShow

    indeed. there is talk of adding it to the jet fuel in commercial airlines. i did see an article on that a few months? ago.


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