Chemtrail Audit Nov 13 2011- 2:00 pm Livermore, CA

Some back ground atmospheric facts to keep in mind: (Ref. Sofia Smallstorm 5-minutes into this excellent reference video: ) (1) Condensation Trails (the Pre-1970’s natural type) behind jets typically form in high flying jets in low humidity; (2) Clouds typically form in lower altitudes in higher humidity; (3) The Rule is this: Clouds and Contrails (the natural type) typically need opposite conditions to form; (4) TODAY HOWEVER, we have condensation trails at low altitudes spreading out to form a low altitude white haze. (5) During the 1950’s and 1960’s jets did not leave these level of contrails. TODAY’S AUDIT: Nov 13 2011, Chemtrails have been going on all day long. This morning two large planes in 2 minute intervals where running north and south directly over our East SF Bay Area hills laying chemtrails. We need to start a public dialogue that includes our elected officials. Where is the oversight? We so need to start a public dialogue on this horrendous project of gigantic impacts developing on all life forms … according to the experts. I found and subscribed to another excellent source of called Geo-Engineering: Destroying the Atmosphere | Rosalind Peterson Her video is posted as the first “embeded” video below. You will be stunned at the impacts Rosalind is reporting. Rich Buckley continues to audit the Livermore, CA (East SF Bay Area) sky for evidence of “con-trails” and/or “Chemtrails” (coud seeding). If you discover any commercial group(s) in your area

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