Chemtrail Bioterror Impacts on Austrian Ground 2009, Starring Van Rompuy

This movie shows the repercussions of the flu attack but also sheds light on all visible ground damage which is caused by bioterror operations by unknown aircrafts, disguised under the phenomenon “conspiracy theory” Chemtrails. I also integrated footages of other YouTubers to put my finding a little bit better into perspective. Happy Watching! We are in the early stages of a massive Eugenics wave cycle (IV), one stage bigger than the Holocaust Nazi Eugenics movements which was wave IV of 1 lesser degree according to Elliott Wave Theory. Hence, expect the repercussions of the ongoing Eugenics movement and the enthusiasm of its executors (eg John Holdren as science and technology advisor in the US) also to be one stage bigger than the Nazi Holocaust movement in the 30’s. Of course such massive deceptive and inhuman campaigns must be executed in secret operations. In this picture you can see how negative social mood expressed by stock market declines coincided with inhuman Eugenic operations executed worldwide (red colored). In times of positive mood the Eugenics movement was radically reduced and the operations were more favorable to human mankind (blue colored). The beta tests for todays Holocaust 2.0 have already been executed from the 60’s onwards and this has been admitted by US and British governments. US Admits Bio-Weapons Tests Secretly Released Agents Into Air On US Soil In 1960s. British

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Bioterror Impacts on Austrian Ground 2009, Starring Van Rompuy

  1. puppetdesign

    @sabbathcrazy, “Grammar has? nothing to do with knowledge.” That made me laugh. It’s true, you can’t know EVERYTHING. Yes, that’s right, EVERYTHING is one word.

  2. puppetdesign

    @sabbathcrazy, please don’t call people stupid whilst utilising bad english skills and spelling mistakes. It’s YOU’RE not YOUR.


  3. mondocrat

    BTW, love the vid. Hows the movie coming? Have u seen the trailer for the other doc being made, put on by TruthMediaProductions & GeoengineeringWatchDOTOrg. Its called “What in the World Are They Spraying”? Not only do they have scientists & biologists who worked in govt over 30 yrs, but they have celebs involved too. The trailer & excerpts are posted on my mondocrat & 777Lazerus sites. They will not muzzle me!! I wish people would move 2 Vodpod, Blip, Vimeo, Yuku, etc. Much less censorship.

  4. mondocrat

    @puppetdesign , double fail & bootlicking brainwashed slave to add. BTW Silberhorter, had both my accts (chromelung, GrassyKnollTroll) suspended b/c I made 2 comments voicing displeasure w/ Israel’s tactics on the aid flotilla. Not only did I get hate mail and death threats, but both accts suspended over vids that are posted all over youtube by dozens of others. Like “Number 1 killer of African Americans” which reveals that abortion instead of gangs/AIDS is #1. We need 2 ditch Utube 4 Vimeo.

  5. CBentertaiment

    Nice video, but a bit to “mystery”. Seems more to be a mysteryfilm or something like propaganda, than a “scientific” video
    (or what chemtrailpeople call “scientific” …)

  6. puppetdesign

    Maybe you’re just a shitty fruit tree grower. I guess it’s just easier to blame a speculated conspiracy rather than show some self accountability eh?

  7. puppetdesign

    Contrails are backed by physics and free of assumptions.

    Chemtrails are based on ignorance and speculation.


  8. chromelung66

    I have had similar problems with fruit trees. My apple tree almost fell over as the roots rotted. I have had a total of 5 trees die and 3 shrubs. All had been alive for at least 20 years.


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