Chemtrail Bombardment

We got bombarded for two days with Chemtrails…….. this footage was on St. Patrick’s Day in Western Wyoming. They also bombed us the day before. Getting r…

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Bombardment

  1. tilbis1

    5* We got hammered the last 2 days here in Sydney Australia, near the East
    Coast. Heavy Chemtrails through the night. Woke up to a web like cloud
    covering the sky also filled with thick Chemtrails. I counted Six crossing
    and linking with each other. All I could see was, Chemtrails, Chemclouds
    and 2 “Sun-Dogs” I almost missed my bus! I’ve been watching and this is the
    heaviest attack I’ve seen in the last few months around my area. The less
    people care, the more they will brazenly spray us.

  2. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Glad you didn’t miss the bus….. :-) I can’t believe how much spraying is
    going on this week! Wonder what they’ve got up their sleeves?… scum bags!
    Thanks for your comments….. :-) Peace to you

  3. fawkUtube

    Want to shut up a debunker? You can’t find 1 Hollywood movie before 1990
    with these trails in the sky …. but every movie since 2004 has had them
    in the back ground of certain scenes. Your being conditioned.

  4. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Yes….. many sheeple can’t even see it nor can they even imagine what’s
    happening to them. So sad… hopefully they will awaken from their slumber
    before its to late. Peace to you

  5. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Yeah, saw that too, but some of what it was talking about was this
    Geo-engineering is to help against global warming, which I think is a
    farce, but there are many sinister reasons for this poisoning…. so it
    does make you sick to think of this craziness. Thanks for your comments…

  6. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Thank you for the comments. Yes we love where we live and it’s a shame
    that us or anyone else on earth should have to be sprayed with barium,
    aluminum and who knows what else. There is no longer any doubt in my mind
    that this is a mass depopulation program in the name of global warming.
    It’s very hard for people to admit that anything is going on but all you
    have to do is look up and see with your own eyes. Many people are now
    realizing things are not as they have been taught. Peace friend.

  7. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Yep…. that’s one of the things they accomplish by spraying. Not only does
    it keep us from getting the needed vitamin D, but it messes with all life
    and also growth of plants. Especially when we grow gardens. These scum bags
    want control of everything even if it ends up destroying the planet.

  8. kidjr27

    Great video my friend.. I have recently learned the chemtrail agenda is
    allegedly known as global cooling.. I was told that without themblocking
    the sun, we would burn up and all the water would be gone.. The only thing
    that points to this being somewhat true is the Bible. In the bible, it says
    that towards the end of the old age, there would be a try at repairing the
    sun.. And it just so happens that SOHO has recorded 5-8 earth sized ships
    rotating the sun. What do you think?

  9. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Good point… I’m sure the chemicals from the chemtrails plus added toxins
    from the vaccines can trigger all sorts of illnesses. The sicker we are the
    more money they can make off of us. The elite have a depopulation agenda
    and spraying us like bugs and telling us vaccines are for our safety go
    along that line. We just have to try and stay as healthy as possible, detox
    ourselves and stay away from chemicals, and GMO aka Frankenfoods. Peace to
    you friend, stay well and spread the word.

  10. Headshothorror4488

    ,contrails dont stay for more then 1 minute,fact, contrails dont form into
    misty clouds,Fact, weather men have talked about it, government papers
    about it, scientists spoke of one day for a last resort they might have to
    spray to block the sun for global warming, funny thing is they r already
    doing it,must mean its bad, people are waking up but allot are still
    morons, i cant see how they dont see its not normal for trails 2 form into
    wispy clouds & fill the WHOLE sky white

  11. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Thank you for commenting….. glad you like the cats…. :-) Can’t believe
    the spray this week… seems they were almost everywhere. Peace to you

  12. roseangst

    WOW! Weeping over here in Ohio! Be Safe and keep on pluggin along til
    you’re unplugged. Peace and Thanks for this video!

  13. nonconformingjenn

    Yep, appears as though they are upping their game, big time. I live in
    Saskatchewan, Canada and we have seen a huge increase of trails here too. 2
    days ago, they ruined a perfectly clear sky with a lot of trails. What do
    we do? Everyone thinks you’re a kook if you say anything? What is the real
    agenda behind it? We all breath the same air-could it be that these
    chemicals have to be activated with something else? Like a vaccine of some

  14. LookupWakeup openeyes

    Wow….. yep, they are sure messing with the weather. Makes me sick! Scum
    bags! Hope your weather gets better soon. Peace to you

  15. badmoodrison

    We were starting to get normal spring weather after a brutal winter – until
    yesterday. The skies were the most beautiful blue until about 3pm. For the
    rest of the afternoon there were no fewer than 6 planes in the sky at a
    time spraying blatantly. Even in squiggles and giant circles. Today it has
    been overcast. The temp has dropped 30 degrees, it is sleeting. I noticed
    that today the oily haze in the air was back. It was there when we had 2
    straight weeks of fog over the winter. Not natural!!!


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