Chemtrail BUSTER! Easy to make in FEW minutes! Start fighting chemtrails NOW.

CHEMBUSTER… or ANTI CHEMTRAIL .easy to make in few minutes! Needed materials/ CHRYSTAL, GOLD FOIL,SILVER WIRE,COPER WIRE,METAL WIRE,ALIMINUM WIRE. INSTRUCTIONS: Wrap around some gold foil at the base of crystal. Then wrap around some silver wire on it. Then? wrap some Coper wire,then Metal,then aliminum. As simple as that ! I saw a video about chembusters and how to make them months ago. But unfortunatly the process of making a chembuster using resin combined with crystals and other materials ,didnt sound that easy for me. I have heard that Resine is TOXIC and one must be causious how to use it. It was’nt long time ago,probably about 2 months ago when I discovered this video called : After watching this video I was inspired to do something about chemtrails. I give it a thought and using the idea and objectives retained from that video ,helped me to come up with idea of my own. What you need is CRYSTAL combined with Gold+silver,coper,Metal,aliminum! So i took some peices of gold plated,silver plated jewellery made of crystal gems. Rings,necklace..easy to find stuff! Then peices of coin,in silver,coper and some other stuff made of metal ,aliminum! I also found some crystal balls and another crystal obolix shape crystal that once belonged to an ancient crystal Luctre “Lamp”. So i took all that, and droped them in crystal ashtray ! And put it right outside in front of my window! Then the MIRACLE started to happen….. Please looka t the video and see if for yourself

9 thoughts on “Chemtrail BUSTER! Easy to make in FEW minutes! Start fighting chemtrails NOW.

  1. Endza50

    @SinsemillaShop Yep you are right ,awsome. For me it is a dream come true and I thank the father and creator of this powerful tool who has a site and a chanel here on YOUTUBE. Visit his chanel “dombadil” and get to know this wonderful ,bright young man who has changed life of millions around the world fighting chemtrails.

  2. Endza50

    Visit project obolix site or his Youtube chanel to watch the videos concerning this incredible TEORY. Get to know the thinker and the artist.
    site: projectobolix
    Youtube chanel: user dombadil

  3. CapitainOne

    Great !

    I have to adimit, I? don’t see dense chemtrails a loooog time, at least 4 months. I am using a big chembuster. See the picture:

    Thanks for Share.

  4. Endza50

    oh great thx for sharing! The air in my area is GREAT because OBOLIX.!
    Now I beleive that it works! I hope people will do what I have done, since it is so easy to make. On top of that this simple thing is going to keep you HEALTHY!


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