Chemtrail BUSTER! NON TOXIC and easy to make in FEW MINUTES. Get rid off chemtrails now.


25 thoughts on “Chemtrail BUSTER! NON TOXIC and easy to make in FEW MINUTES. Get rid off chemtrails now.

  1. lizoir

    I can personally testify that the 7th vibrational dimension? has been eclipsed already and a quantum entanglement Mayan chakra has enveloped the telepathic intuition of Schrodinger’s cat. You are lagging by three dimensions. Keep up!

  2. Dexter Edwards

    What I’m referring to is that the planet is already passing through the
    fourth dimension of vibration as of about 1982,? headed for a quantum leap into the fifth level in about 2012-2013, the famed end of the Mayan
    Calendar. Hence we have the increase in UFO sightings (dimensional
    phenomena), and also in people’s telepathic and intuitive abilities.

  3. Dexter Edwards

    We are making an evolutionary change, yet we don’t know what we are changing into. “Everyone has one double helix of DNA. What we are
    finding is that there are other helixes that are being formed. In the? double helix there are two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral. It is my
    understanding that we will be developing twelve helixes. During this time, which seems to have started maybe 5 to 20 years ago, we have been mutating. This is the scientific explanation.

  4. lizoir

    You can NOT just write non-scientific nonsense in response to a request for REFERENCES, not even on YouTube.? The mess you are writing sounds a bit like Fran de Aquino’s unpublished bunk.

    I will assume, validly based on your ramblings, that you are (1) devoid of an education in science, (2) easily impressed by collections of science words cobbled together, and (3) lack sufficient intelligence to discern reality from fantasy.

    Life is too short for me to waste time on people like you. Goodbye.

  5. Dexter Edwards

    The power structure, knowing
    its reign is about to end, has worked tirelessly in a last ditch effort to
    keep us suppressed. Chemtrails? are but one small weapon they are employing to accomplish this.

  6. Dexter Edwards

    Manipulation or control of our earthly behavior can simply be garnered by
    the use of low-watt microwave transmissions, the effects to the cerebellum
    of the human brain when it is within three feet? of such a device are
    devastating to the organ. FM, AM, and the microwave GWEN towers can all be
    used to manipulate or to control the unruly masses in this way.

  7. Dexter Edwards

    Since some of the “new” strands of DNA
    are actually electromagnetic or multi-dimensional in nature, DNA is also
    sensitive to not just earthly electromagnetic fields, but it also responds
    to the body’s soul-nature. Soul nature is the? vibrational etheric/astral
    composition or signature of a particular soul. Genetic structure and
    soul-nature are intimately coupled; a change in one can lead to a delayed change in the other.

  8. lizoir

    And yes, I have included your above exact quote (and the one you wrote in response to one of my cemments) in an assignment that I’m putting together for the first years. The exercise is to choose from one of 6 areas of junk science and to write a 2,500 word paper debunking it. The assignment is woth 20% of the semester 3 mark.

    Chemtrails themselves are physically and logistically impossible, but your garbled mess? relating to DNA is a priceless extension of the hoax! May I reveal your name?

  9. lizoir

    I used the word “dribble” on purpose.

    PhD in the Space Physics Group. my thesis was about a first-principles ray-tracing sound propagation model for arbitrary sonic? profiles. I have presented the work internationally.

    Now, I don’t care if you believe that or not, so will you please give a reference for your “dribble” about wave dynamics and Fourier transforms that you bizarrely tried to say had effects on DNA?

  10. lizoir

    Confirmed by whom? GIVE REFERENCES. I have postgraduate qualifications in maths and am very familiar with Fourier transforms in both time and frequency domains. My Honours thesis was on the magnetohydrodynamics of solar magnetic field generation and would require you to GIVE A REFERENCE for your? garbled remblings about the non-existent interactions with DNA.

    Your failure to GIVE REFERENCES will absolutely confirm that you are just a moron use big words he doesn’t understand. Your turn …

  11. Dexter Edwards

    It has also been confirmed that DNA’s crystalline helical structure makes it
    very sensitive to low strength but specific magnetic frequencies and wave
    shapes. Depending on the field strength and Fourier components, the effects
    can vary from rejuvenation to cancer, with one? possible effect being the
    unlocking or suppression of junk DNA.

  12. lizoir

    Are you busy reviewing the July 2008? Mt Shasta test results and Steve Funk’s follow-up results, or maybe trawling through PubMed for a paper you would like to discuss? I hope so – I hold out hope that you may be able to think your way out of this physically impossible hoax.

  13. lizoir

    Come on, Dexter, tell us more about solar dimming and GIVE REFERENCES. The only person ever to make this bizarre claim was an ex-employee of a firm that did subcontract solar installation work for Bechtel. This person has no formal qualification in anything – not science, engineering, chemistry, nothing. he is a fraud named Dane Wigington.

    Are? you prepared to be crushed with the facts that show there was a brief dimming after Pinatubo and a slight brightening since?

  14. lizoir

    None of that is in agreement with the research done by the Space Physics Group at my university, where I did my PhD in physics (acoustic modelling).

    Basically, you are a scientifically illiterate? idiot. Being scientifically illiterate is very common and does not automatically make one an idiot, but YOU are so delusionally bewildered by non-science dribble, that it is proper and fair to call you a complete idiot and a gibbering imbecile.

    I’m about to make you famous with our first years.

  15. Dexter Edwards

    The Chemtrails are being used to deflect the heavy barrage of gamma ray particles headed for? us from the center of the galaxy. (Google Superwave Theory). Gamma radiation has the ability to intelligently reorganize the DNA molecule. Ancient Cultures spoke of this (eg. the Maya). The elites know this, but are keeping us in the dark about it. They’re hoping this will create a metallic dome around the planet to shield us from it..preventing our DNA activation. Barium is used in radiation shielding.

  16. lizoir

    You have mushy peas inside your skull. it requires exactly, but NO MORE THAN, a “scrap of a brain” to be fooled? by this hoax in which every aspect is physically or logistically impossible. You run along, keep looking up, misunderstand what you see because you’re a scientifically illiterate imbecile.

  17. Dexter Edwards

    oh bullshit. anyone with a scrap of a brain can see that Chemtrails are what they seem – ARTIFICIAL! Why is it these ‘persistent contrails’ only happen to linger around the sun most of the time?? SOLAR OBSCURATION. Sure, there are days when the entire sky is filled with the nonsense.. but they seem to be obsessed with? BLOCKING OUT THE SUN.. yea.. keep on spreading lies.. no one is listening.

  18. lizoir

    Now, since it has been established that we will not discuss morgellons again unless you cite a specific paper to discuss, we will also not? discuss the chemtrails hoax again until you? show me that you have found the follow-up Mt Shasta test results and understand the values of the readings in the context of the July 2008 results that were heavily contaminated with dirt and ash. I hope you find the photo’s of the snow that was tested in 2008 – it looks like sloppy mud.


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