24 thoughts on “Chemtrail Canberra 29-03-09

  1. edmontonskypoison

    DAMN! They’re killing you over there!

    Just like here in Edmonton Alberta Canada. These cowardly parasites are hitting all G20 Countries.

    These are? sick psychopaths indeed, along with the stupid fool flying the plane.

    Fight the NWO scum!

  2. hairdogevo8

    My wife has? just been diagnosed with Asthma at 45 years old. very strange but after watching this i now know why. thankyou keep up the good work and spread the word.

  3. flastikis

    una vez supe de q gente creian ver aviones tal cuales se ven aca , a chorro , pero en realidad eran extraterrestres propagando virus a la humanidad , pero no? se si sera en este caso del video

  4. neobignuts

    Yeah mate…how about the crap in the air today? its insane…they are just above the cover really low….so bad people are asking if there is a fire nearby…….unreal

  5. CanberraChris

    yeh seen chemtrails alot now these days.
    Probley a fair? few considering the wait at the medical centre is ages

  6. hofnerman1

    Absolutely INSANE!!!! Its going on all around the world. Be prepared for some more very big changes. People, PLEASE do your home work and discover the REAL truth? for yourself.

  7. lleidainmortal

    oh god,

    they’re laughing at us while they’re spraying us, but? the sheople seems not to care.

    5 stars

  8. neobignuts

    Thanks? mate …you een seing this crap too?

    How many people in Canberra sick with flu like symptoms and headaches…

  9. TheREMEDI3

    I saw some pretty heavy spraying there in Canberre this time last year. I got some video from the plane i took back to Sydney which came out fairly well but it pales in signifcance to your fottage.
    i think it is about time we all get together and take to the streets and demand a stopto this.
    Take care and stay safe,

  10. studentdebts

    “Thank-You”4Your Very Interesting Video Response as? it Seems You also had a Bad Spray Day There as This Global Phenomenon is becoming more Intense recently:5*****&Thanxs 4 Sharing:-)

  11. WellSightedGentleman

    you gotta ask yourself, who the hell is allowed to fly sucha large aircraft so erratically, nevermind the chemtrail,
    these S.O.B’s are rulers unto themselves.
    so it appears the pricks up north have sent down a chemtrail plane to share the NWO love in Australia.

    its time to organise, get as much footage as possible on these pricks doing it, because after they’ve been? at it awhile, you can hear them but you cant see them for the fog/haze/chem clouds
    so catchem when they start, heads up victoria!

  12. imagicination

    Are we supposed to think that this is normal flight activity?
    It`s crazy that we didn`t even recognize it,
    only until someone tells us,
    or we find it by looking on the net for some information about other? scary things.
    I found it because I was looking for
    information about cellphone towers….

  13. spaceportseven

    its the days without aircraft which really tells you these are not regular chartered or cargo aircraft.
    very similar here in the uk , a week of murk and dull low cloud (despite the forecast showing high pressure), murky and haze. today millions of aircraft, some odd ones too. ever seen one become visible as it passes through a chemtrail? ? then once through go invisible, i have. today !!

  14. kissthisguy88

    Good vid on chem Jockey F**king off up there. Good evidence for a court of law when the time comes.

    Keep spreading? the word.

  15. jbreezes

    After 6 or 7 days of total dark cloud cover, with only one partial day of blue sky before that; we finally to blue skies today with some clouds and of course no one is noticing the absence of jets or wondering if the airport is closed today. They wouldn’t notice the absence of jets when they don’t notice the grids,? x’s, stars, and parallel lines. Seems there is a literal veil over people’s eyes.


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