chemtrail carnage-colour splashed cirrus….[15/10/2012,suffolk].

colours betray the chemical circus.

15 thoughts on “chemtrail carnage-colour splashed cirrus….[15/10/2012,suffolk].

  1. ecliptyclunacy

    without doubt there are synthetics being dumped in the sky that fall to earth….they look just like spider webs and can be of any length from an inch to a few feet long….in my opinion they are different types of synthetic fibres and filaments and although they may be being used to make fake cirrus,maybe its possible these filaments are being used to change us or the planet in some kind of freaky terraforming….think invasion of the body snatchers and ya getting close….cheers for? you input.

  2. ecliptyclunacy

    the only better footage of rainbow cirrasol i have seen is by mr smish….he got it in? the bag…..this shit is mental….

  3. FireFly2834

    I work at a car auction, and while? I’m writing up cars and processing them, I notice tiny little threads. I wanna say they look like spider’s webs, but they are not sticky, they look a bit thinner in diameter, and they almost kinda dissapear when you touch em. But they shine rainbow colors in the sun, like these clouds. Kinda like how oil shines colors on a surface of water.

    And they are long sometimes too. I often see lots of them clinging to the ends of our jumper cable wires…

  4. badriyah43

    There must be so many? chemicals in our skies. :( You should check out my recent videos when I was flying last week. There’s even more crap above that. Shocking. Thanks for the upload. :)


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