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So actual facts and figures, something seldom seen in connection to anything “chemtrail”. Chemtards, you are an interesting and unusual bunch. I was able to find all this information, double-check the facts and look for pictures in a very short period of time. That’s how you learn things, chemtards. You look for “facts”. You don’t accept things known to be wrong just because they support your viewpoint, like the KSLA video that keeps getting reposted. As always, I will not censor anyone, unless they insist on going off topic. Even then, I will always unblock anyone before submitting a new video. So flame away. Show your ignorance as always.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail, chemclouds volume matters_0001.wmv

  1. irishearthangel

    You slap this shit up side of some of these morons heads and they still would not listen or get it. They love their makes them money and fame.. As our mental health system is breaking down and coverage lost from lack of insurance You tube provides a perfect place where they can live out their delusions!

  2. stars15k

    @tarara666 Yeah, it’s real science, math, and logic. Three things not found in a “chemtrailer” brain.

  3. stars15k

    @tarara666 Which part didn’t you understand? Apparently none of it. No one is hiding anything in the sky. That’s just dumb.
    And it’s not “disinfo”, it’s real science, math, and logic.
    Three things that “chemtrail” believers lack completely.

  4. stars15k

    It’s figured to be one gallon of water per 1 gallon of jet fuel burned. Hopefully you already know this, but the difference is the oxygen contributed by the atmosphere combining with the H from the fuel. What remains is mostly CO2, some CO. and hydrocarbon as soot. I figured it out at another site, that a single horizon to horizon contrail would be 192 miles long. When you consider the size of the plane to the contrail, the trails are huge. Too much to be spray.

  5. VoteLib3rty

    I have another math question for you based on your assumptions. If the clouds created by planes are contrails, and contrails are created by the water vapor from the combustion of jet fuel: how much water is created per gallon of combusted jet fuel and how many gallons of jet fuel would then be required to create a cloud such as those found checkering the sky from planes? Thanks for your help. Math is fun.

  6. stars15k

    Nope, and nope to another comment on another video. I asked, and had people insist that “chemclouds” are 100% “sprayed” content…nothing natural at all.
    That is impossible. Logic and math proves that. It’s all pretty basic.
    A cloud is a very large thing, which requires a lot of material to make it. They cannot be made as is suggested by some.
    Sorry facts, logic, and math confuse you. You really should think more, it does your mind good.

  7. JFMCK17

    I think this lady purposely misses points so that she can debunk a stupid comment and call it chemtrail debunking. You are obviously an agent of misinfo and miss the point with every stupid video you make.

  8. JFMCK17

    @stopjunkscience yeah dont worry about pollution in our air, but how about that water? rain does come down…I’ve watched these prayed skies stack up against the mountains and drain right into our water system. actually I have seen and felt them drop on me when the temperature was 105 and the humidity at 30%. sometimes I have even seen it fall from the sky like bread crumbs in a fish tank. but there is probably some “scientific” explanation for why this is happening, right?

  9. Arvak777

    very good video, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to explain the phenomena, just a common youtuber and a bit of research.

  10. amsterdamob

    Wonderful video!
    Thank you!
    Unfortunately, the chemtards don’t possess the cognitive power to process the concept of “Science.”
    Or “facts.”

  11. faithinscience

    Well aware of Porton Down. Now provide the evidence I asked about. Show me that when they performed the tests (which were used to see if enemies would be able to harm them with chemicals from the air) it resulted in the type of trail we see today. What is the link between the trails in the sky and Porton Down. other than your assumptions? “Faggot”?! Simply more stupid assumptions on your part. Not surprised, that is how you became a chemtard in the first place. You are ignorant about contrails.

  12. RoninHawk

    Human experimentation? Are you fucking kidding me?

    First off idiot – None of your supposed chemtrails have occurred at low altitudes.

    Second – Youre weather modification and radar jamming, are all done through completely different, and legitimate methods. with completely different materials. And neither method looks anything like your chemtrails.

    Third – No chemtrails cant be done higher, because they only exist in the imaginations of stupid people.

  13. faithinscience

    Really? Prove to me that when they ran those tests in England, it resulted in long white trails in the sky. You people ASSUME that these trails ahev ANYTHING to do with these “spray programs” you read about simply because both things are supposedly happening in the sky. Who told you to link the two?! These are contrails, plain and simple…and always will be until someone PROVES differently, with something called “evidence”. It’s kind of important…

    More planes, more haze…that simple.

  14. RoninHawk


    Agent Orange was sprayed just above tree-top level. Not at 35,000ft, moron.

    It is completely inneffective to try and spray the ground from 35,000ft.

    go flush your head in a toilet.

  15. RoninHawk

    Exactly….good luck with that though, Ive already tried that a few times, and they still denied it

  16. soulcolector2001

    Just look outside, chemtrails are line clouds that dont have the same density as the water.
    Im from Romania and about 2 moths ago the whole sky was like a spider web and planes fly all day long. And we dont have such a big traffic here everyday. Now the whole country is in pandemic from swine flu. How we did get the swine flu ? Look at Ukraine , the most cases of swine flu in europe. How did they got it ? Poor country not many ppl fly to usa or mexico

  17. stars15k

    I’m working on a similar video about “dilution”. It seems to escape most “chemtrail” theory……how much a chemical spread in aerosol at that altitude would actually be able to affect anyone by the time it got down to us.
    Holiday planning now is slowing up production a bit.

  18. stars15k

    Thanks for that. It seemed familar somehow. I remember watching the show when first aired. My dad loved it, and the kids like the bubblegum bubble able to suck and move people around. It was always the best part of the show.

  19. stopjunkscience

    BTW..your incidental music…is it from ‘The Prisoner featuring Mr. McGoo-han’ The special ‘Be seeing you’ edition? I believe it was followed up by a bubble sided 12” vinyl collectors edition; side A – ‘I am not a number’ (beat box version) and the B side ‘I am a free man’ – dance mix featuring Nelson Mandela .

  20. stopjunkscience

    I suppose the fact that contrails must surely contain pollutants from the exhaust gases they are still chemtrails… ish! Yes this is a question, I dont want to be a Pollutantard! Oh yeah…and what else did I see? A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me…

  21. stars15k

    TrutherD1 comment marked as spam, as it is a C&P reply I’ve also found on a video about Christmas cookies.

  22. faithinscience

    Hehe, it’s too bad that all of atmospheric science supports her argument. NOTHING the chemtards believe is supported by science….NOTHING! All the chemtards have is assumption and ignorance. If I were you, I would stop assuming you couldn’t learn something from the lady who wastes her time trying to help unappreciative retards understand scientific FACT. There is no such thing as a “chemtrail”. Only the paranoid and ignorant believe such nonsense.

  23. stars15k

    Can you refute the facts I’ve shown? I took a claim, after much asking of “chemtrail” believers that some believe that not just “chemtrails”, but also clouds are being 100% sprayed composition.
    Sorry you don’t believe the facts and figures. They are easy to find and easy to understand. Which part do you claim is invalid? What information did you use to come to that conclusion? Where are your sources? I can answer these with all my videos, CT believers cannot.


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