Chemtrail Chicken mid-air close call

Boise, Idaho, chemtrails started early in the morning, the clouds were all rainbow colored, visible in video. Close up of the planes directly over head, the planes almost hitting each other. A good video of long line chemtrials, if it gets borning at least check out the part where the planes fly at and past each other pretty close, at about six minutes in.

4 thoughts on “Chemtrail Chicken mid-air close call

  1. ChemTrailsMN

    Thanks for your Videos and hard work! *** I Encourage Everyone to Video what You see above YOUR CITY and? create your OWN YouTube Channel! *** Upload your videos and be sure to include the date and the City and State and Country you are making the video in. If you want to Lean More about ChemTrails Watch the Video (its free on YouTube) “What in the World are they Spraying?” Your questions will be answered there! Thanks again
    from Minnesota USA and PLEASE check out MY Videos! — ChemTrailsMN —

  2. Manny Rivers

    Nice video. Liked and subscribed. Check out my ongoing chemtrail documentary? from los angeles california. God bless.


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