CHEMTRAIL CITY PHOENIX ARIZONA 4.22.2011 My Good Friday chemtrail sunset in Phoenix Arizona

26 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL CITY PHOENIX ARIZONA 4.22.2011


    its just crazy in Pheonix, they are spraying you all like bugs!! shocking in Pheonix, lots of uploads from so many people!

  2. hawkermustang

    It’s funny how these chemtrails never do anything. If they were chemtrails you would be dead like a roach! hahahaha

  3. GodGunsGutsGlory4KJV

    Or am I remembering the spelling wrong?

    I lost some of my contacts when my last channel was attacked.

  4. libertybelle2008

    Yip, I was in Tucson in the am and in Mesa in the pm and watched them all day while they were spraying us!

  5. dvmcgovern

    Thanks for the response. I think its interesting that a lot of the lines are dark in nature. Usually there is one of two but this time there were many. With a big M. Daph

  6. BlessedONE333returnz

    @GodGunsGutsGlory4KJV oh and the ‘best’ part is that now the chemtrails have radiation in it – thank Japan for that

  7. BlessedONE333returnz

    @GodGunsGutsGlory4KJV we know they are doing it = they know they are doing it = and GOD knows they are doing it

    one day they will stand before HIM and explain their evil plot to murder most of us

  8. BlessedONE333returnz

    it says 5 – that’s may 2011 – unless you have a time machine my friend you are off a bit on the date! lol

    but I did see the stupid chemtrails today – made me mad. I drove all over the valley and as the day went on it just got worse.

    they will burn in hell for poisoning us this way

  9. unclewooly

    What a fucked up world we live in man. Makes me sick, literally. Thanks for the post OSA, It’s good to see you bro.

  10. 8643

    If you take the time to look up, the evidence is right in plain sight. Just yesterday I witnessed two airplanes spraying side by side. Commercial airlines don’t fly side by side. Then I witnessed a commercial plane flying the opposite direction of the 2 that were spraying. The commercial plane left no trail. All the evidence I need. These chemtrail planes don’t fly in the same paths that commercial
    Airlines do here in Phoenix.

  11. hellavadeal

    A crime in plane sight and nothing being done but ridiculing or ignoring of the observers by the authorities . Have a good holiday .

  12. adamb20102010

    maybe its an airshow……just kidding!! They are chemtrailling here, near sydney, australia, day and night over the last week


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