25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Compilation – v1.1

  1. beachcomber2008

    I have been very awake for a very long time now

    Your manifest ignorance will certainly do the govt’s job (if that were to be the case) for them

  2. beachcomber2008

    Look up, and you’ll see the Sun go round the Earth

    DOES the Sun go round the Earth?

  3. SahMai

    @beachcomber Hey Bro you need to WAKE UP NOW. The governments are reducing us down from 6 & a half a billion to half a billion wake up Bro.

  4. BlueHappyBlueHappy

    Oh yes, their are chemtrails. We are sprayed over all the time. It is worldwide. Anyone saying otherwise is either wanting to lie to people, or is just a complete idiot. For the people denying them (when all you have to do is look up) which are you?

  5. beachcomber2008

    Oh my God – illiterate AND innumerate crap

    These statements are all verifiable by WIKI, except ice proportions, found at jazzroc. wordpress. com

    All aircraft trails are definitely contrails. And this is why
    Burning kerosine makes an equal amount of water
    All long-distance planes cruise in the stratosphere which is stable and clear most all the time – except when it sometimes holds visible ice crystals in cirrus clouds
    The stratosphere can hold in supersaturation (only when very clean!)

  6. beachcomber2008

    an excess of water as vapor
    This excess can boost the density of the trail by up to 10,000 times
    So 10,000 times as much ICE as the engines make by burning kerosine may be visible to you
    So all aircraft trails are DEFINITELY CONTRAILS

    All aircraft trails are definitely not “chemtrails”
    The gap between engine and trail evidences the invisible exhaust vapors and gases emitted by the engines
    Metals don’t make invisible vapors – in fact they’re used in fireworks

  7. beachcomber2008

    So there are no metals of any kind in the exhaust
    So there is NEITHER aluminum NOR barium present in ANY TRAIL, because trails ALWAYS begin with a GAP
    ANY organic material WILL burn in a jet flame at 2000 degrees to produce that GAP, for carbon dioxide (invisible) and steam (invisible) is what they MUST make
    No metals. No organics. Just spent fuel and air
    So all aircraft trails are DEFINITELY NOT “CHEMTRAILS”

  8. nrgstream

    Help heal the planet, google ‘orgonite’. It’s a simple compound anyone can create in their backyard with fairly inexpensive, widely-available materials which balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy, with many easily-confirmed effects. Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without electricity.

  9. guitarplyr2255

    I just now learned of this stuff and always wondered why planes where flying around and leaving trails around.

    I live in Southern WV no where near a major airport or air base.

    I was going to just post this but I saw what you had said and well I guess they don’t think it’s financially inefficient to spray it anywhere.

  10. AtomicDragon71

    I am a chemical engineer. I live in the most highly educated part of the country. I never seen “chemtrails” on a dry clear day. That’s the way it is and you have no proof otherwise. You are naive to listen to stories that provide no REAL proof. you must be dumb enough to believe in god too I bet.

  11. synth505

    Are you that naive? I see them all the time. Mostly over water sources. Computer manipulated? Perhaps you haven’t seen them because they consider it financially inefficient to spray over an area where intelligence lacks anyway…No?

  12. omikron23

    Hereby I state having personally witnessed a chessboard-like pattern of chemtrails or whatever it may have been on a perfectly blue sky with no clouds and no haze in the sky above Switzerland. I have no picture of it, so you will have to rely on my word. I have no reason to tell you an untruth.

  13. AtomicDragon71

    I have never seen a “Chemtrail” in any photo that was taken of a hazeless or a cloudless sky. Hmmmm. I would love to for someone to show me a chemtrail on a perfectly blue sky with no clouds or haze (wide angle). I bet you can’t do it without computer manipulation?

  14. Magicmanny

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  15. URAterrorist

    Chemtrails Are: Persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world. Unlike normal jet contrails formed from water vapor, chemtrails spread to form a thick blanket of cloud cover, held together by polymer fibers until they reach the ground, contaminating crops, water supplies and humans with radioactive soft metals and dessicated red blood cells which contain active human pathogens.

  16. a123a456a123a456a

    extraordinary everidence ? what the fuck are you talking about? how about the unusually high levels of heavy metals all over the country? People in the aviation industry are not upset you fucking idiot because it is just military pilots flying military planes that are doing this, any way if you are getting gassed buy yourself an IQ air health pro, chemtrail residue in your home? Forget about it!!

  17. ar5281ar

    hey DaftAida, don’t worry about the brainwashed 16 year old know it alls! or just another pro-disinformer! just gotta observe daily to see the “CONtrail” lies!


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