CHEMTRAIL CONFESSIONAL HOTLINE. Canadian Spartacus on FreeTruth Show May 12th 2011 patrick lynch interviews sylvain, Canadian Spartacus on youtube, on his appeal to the chemtrail pilots for info…

15 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL CONFESSIONAL HOTLINE. Canadian Spartacus on FreeTruth Show May 12th 2011

  1. Hama Neggs

    10,000 planes and 10,000 pilots actively “spraying” us? And you REALLY
    think that’s true and NONE of the pilots will come forward? Do you have any
    idea how absurd that is?

  2. adam3176

    They Dont show up on Radar either.. they are not listed on the screen, Cant
    find any kc-10s on radar or listed.. so they must be on another system

  3. Jokertattooo

    I admire Patrick & Sylvain for their efforts to alert & inform as many
    people possible to the chemtrail/HAARP crisis. Having spent considerable
    time in research & looking for solutions I can see only one: In order that
    we stand a chance we’d have to arrest, try & execute the Rot n’ Royals,
    banksters, their architects/puppetmasters & all of their treasonous,
    cowardly minions, then deconstruct & reconstruct the entire system in each
    & every country they’ve infiltrated, It is simply THAT far along.

  4. MrGopherhead

    you retards really should get a life and an education wouldn’t hurt
    either.I guess that is asking too much though. Your ignorant theories just
    don’t hold water. Where are all the hundreds of flights coming from
    Evergreen then If they are doing this all over the world as claimed. You
    would be lucky to see only a few planes taking off from Pinal Air Park.
    What does that tell you?

  5. FreeTruthShow

    @3e4r5t6f7h8i90 thank you. yes its building momentum now so much so that
    bbc had to adress it in a special piece on the weather show bbc news 24.
    complete disinformation . it means what we’re doing is working

  6. FreeTruthShow

    superb. glad to see so many people have taken an interest in this video.
    thank you to all friends and subscribers

  7. visionfirst1970

    I have come to the conclusion that the only reason in the world they would
    be doing this program especially at the enormous cost and dedication to its
    continued progress is that,,something is drastically wrong with either our
    sun or our protective magnetosphere or both.. I refuse to believe that it
    is for any sinister NWO nonsense. Absolutely no denying that the chemtrail
    program exists. (Look up weather mod legislation) and then,, just look up..
    Pacific NW never has blue skies anymore..

  8. FreeTruthShow

    thank you. Unfortunately sylvain henry has largely been exposed as earning
    money from the Canadian government and collecting data on internet users.
    Working with eri hariono. sad though true. TheAnalogical channel on youtube.


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