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  1. truethseeker

    I am South African. My mom still lives there. We phone each other allmost weekly. She does tell me that she sees them too. I have a good idea though, next year the football world series are supposed to take place in South Africa. S.A. is the host. I’ll be darned if we won’t at least see one or two of them in the sky. The t.v. broadcasts can’t hide everything all of the time can they?

  2. martiniusi1

    Excuse me, i won`t say, that you are a liar. It`s better to trust your own eyes than anyone else. I was just astonished.
    Did you have contact with people in South Africa which can say if there are still chemtrails?

  3. truethseeker

    I’m not sure how to take your comment,but I can personally assure you, I am a South African and I was living there in Johannesburg at that time, I will swear in court to what I saw. Just because the S.A. Gov. only says it since 98 doesn’t mean it’s ture. Since when has any gov. said anything true?

  4. martiniusi1

    sorry, i rated upon the origen of the chemtrail-videos – there are no vid`s from South Africa. The other thing is, that it`s stated, that “they” are chemtrailing since 1998. So, i stay astonished about your announcement.

  5. truethseeker

    I’m afraid you missed a country… South Africa has been chem trailed many years ago. I saw them personally back in 1994 over Johannesburg.

  6. musicaybebes

    you are right. thank you for the information. i thought it was globally. i live in tuscany (Italy) and it pours chemtrails here. now, i found out today they are spraying this morgellons worms to take our lives and bring down our SELFS. i remember when i was a little girl and i had dreams. i think these illuminati want just that. to keep us from dreaming, to lock us in hell, in pain, in fear. we need to fight for our dreams, and as adults to take action! We came this far for this? who are we??

  7. stars15k

    But you are claiming to be able to see something miles away with just your eyes that can only be tested for. Also, most of the CT posting here claim pretty much any plane, military or not, is producing them. Your little brain needs to lay out in a hammock a couple of days for a few hours and watch planes flying overhead.

  8. o0Nighthawk0o

    Not sure why you posted this as a response to my vid but whatever.

    As Tiger said, a simple search will show that contrails do occur globally. Some research into the atmosphere and flight patterns will also reveal why they are more common in some areas than in others.

  9. martiniusi1

    I have two eyes who see the difference between normal contrails and chemtrails. Behind my eyes there is a little brain that noticed, that chemtrails are only behind military planes and that something is going wrong. Please compare the trails you see and compare the weatherconditions.

  10. Tigerf0x

    I noticed you tried to post this as a video response to my latest video. However you have not met one of the arguments that I presented against Chemtrails. And no, a simple search will reveal that “chemtrails” are found globally, NOT just in countries controlled by “America”. For example, most African nations. Again, chemtrails are completely explained by normal atmospheric processes.

  11. martiniusi1

    I don`t know the real reason –
    may be depopulation
    may be weather control
    may be mind control
    may be communication/cutting comunication
    may be information/ cutting information
    may be hiding nibiru or something else
    the fact, that “they” are spraying, is reason enough to imprison them

  12. rosenti

    *dramatic pause* “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

    Sorry had to do that xD. . And i have seen them, i just tried to hope they weren’t real lol. . Oh well :)

  13. philos4r

    have you thought these chemtrails could be used to detect harp activity or similar weapon which is influencing our weather.

  14. billsarebullyesyes

    shanedk- OK, what about the ones that have a series of humps on them??? never saw a contrail like that coming up??? and just recently (decade or so) have the checkered board patterns appeared & what tests have revealed is in them??? very early in the morning, i have also noticed clouds with a slight color to them.

  15. 1L0V3C1IT

    I’ve spoken to people who have served as pilots with B.A and cabin crew, all of them have seen aeroplanes fly over different parts of the world, at different altitudes and in different periods and times of the year, none of them have ever told me those were anything that even closely resembled a contrail from a commercial jet

  16. martiniusi1

    On very cold days, you may see people talking with a condensationbreath which disappears immediately. If you see someone talking on a normal day with a smokingbreath that only spread (but never really disappears), you may call it a chembreath and that`s the same difference between con- and chemtrails.


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