Chemtrail Cures and Other News

If anyone wants to add to this, please comment. Cilantro Guacamole 1/2 cup finely chopped cilantro 1 medium avocado 3-4 small tomatoes juice of 1/2 a lemon Guacamole seasoning Cut up cilantro, dice tomatoes, mash avocado, add juice and seasoning. Spread black bean paste and shredded cheese on a tortilla. Add generous amount of cilantro guacamole, wrap up and heat to make cheese melt. Serve with yogurt and salsa. Cilantro Bean Salad: 1/2 cup cilantro 1T finely choppen onion 1 finely choppe clove of garlic 1 cup of mixed beans add vinaigrette salad dressing to taste add seal salt to taste Sun Chlorella Pulverized cell-wall chlorella by Dyno-Mill

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Cures and Other News

  1. 2012forlove

    @finefilth …. we are in spring but our skies are overcast most times ..

    for metal, use cilantro or coriander yes.. great naturally … i have lung infection most of the times …. use the

  2. hus987pc

    the cure for barium is sodium sulphate,magnesium sulphate and potasium
    and to test for barium check the potasium level in your blod if it is low u problely are poisend by barium and dont drink cofee or soda it will help the barium salts to desolve and go in to your boddy faster

  3. nathuwjohn

    youtube source for making your own colloidal silver-he’ll answer question:
    offline111 (Making Colloidal Silver Yourself)
    **wouldnt let me paste his link on here.
    **i built my own generator for like $2

  4. nathuwjohn

    Add to this information you gave us:
    – put tea tree essential oil on a medical mask and keep mask on for 1 hour 2 times a day. ( will help with respiratory symptoms)
    -Make sure you keep your digestive system healthy; acidopholus (yogurts)
    -You can brush your teeth with a couple of drops of oregano oil-will kill bacterias in your mouth. (this will be hot, but you’ll live..)

  5. AJK847

    Jeepers truthergirl don’t eat the cilantro it has chemtrails all over it what are you thinking? It looks like a good recipe but im not going to eat it are you kidding me with all that chemtrail activity all over it, ummmm actually i changed my mind, Im gonna eat it dammit, i will live and i will go outside and i will eat.

  6. Peltris

    The sky spiders weave there poison web. The lack of information about them just shows there covert intent.
    The lack of care for humanity and Earth just shows that those who are responsible have pushed themselfs so far from being human that they have become Alien to human nature and this is a danger to us all I can? only hope it stops before its to late I do pity them truely i do.

    Will we ever see a clear blue sky again?

  7. jaedded

    Also look up HCG diet, can find out so much good things about the HCG Diet it don’t just help with weight loose, but can help with so many other things. Also colloidal silver is used in that diet, and I have tried it, it didn’t hurt me in anyway.

  8. jaedded

    colloidal silver is also good, it can help with many different things. Look up colloidal silver to see for your self, also on how to make colloidal silver.

  9. OrgoneSkies

    Ideally spring water from a planet unoccupied by humans…

    Or Reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, ozonation, re-mineralization with alkaline minerals, pH change through electrolyses. Removal of memory (electromagnetic).

    Re-structure the water with quartz crystals, vortex movements in the water, natural flow forms. Oxygenation and importantly energizing it with life energy!

    Are you thirsty yet?

  10. OrgoneSkies

    Bentonite clay is great for removing toxic substances from the body.

    Mixed with drinking water for internal use. 2 hrs before or after food. About 1- 2 spoon fulls per glass. Actually tastes sweet.

    A friend has had great results with removing heavy metals (mercury) after bathing in it. A cup full added to non-chlorinated bath water. Minimum 20 minute soak is good for positive effects!

  11. OrgoneSkies

    Parts per million…

    TDS Meter measures the amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a solution. Including the amount of Colloidal Silver.

    Generally they small devices and cost around 20 US$.

  12. iwasthatdolphin

    Diatomaceous Clay/Bentonite, Colloidal Silver, Activated Bone Charcoal, Vit.C and Vid.D. Excellent vid. 5***** Thank You…
    tc, dolph

  13. thetruthergirls

    We use hempoil all the time, but not the other things u mentioned.
    Honestly, I’m afraid to do the wine-peroxide mouthwash and find out I have Morgellons. I don’t want to even KNOW about that right now.

  14. laylalovesmanwhores

    Yeah protest it any way you can!
    Have you ever tried the wine-peroxide method? Or hemp seeds or royal jelly or bee pollen?

  15. finefilth

    the docs here in the states are good , but they are brainwashed into thinking allopathy as the only cure by the schools and the law. The rockefeller organization owns all the drug companies and controls the med schools with funding grants.. i use oral chealation a couple times a week.. I have a lot of fillings in my mouth from my sugary youth .. try the neem soap.. down here in florida the bugs are forever

  16. thetruthergirls

    I WISH I could get transdermal chelation agents, but the doctors here are so clueless, they don’t know jack about metals and chelation.


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