Chemtrail Detox is Important to Do

And you might get herx reaction, which is like having the flu Seven ways to detox on a budget…

13 thoughts on “Chemtrail Detox is Important to Do

  1. UltimateMoralizer

    This is a very helpful video, thanks for giving people this useful information, sheeple are? too dumb to understand reality.

  2. UltimateMoralizer

    I respect you for speaking out about the injustices that are going on in the world, there’s too many ignorant sheeple that attack people for speaking truth, they’re like “there’s no NWO, that makes you a crazy hobo on top of his soap-box”,”baaaaaaa”, “you’re a conspiracy theorist”, “you think you’re a king”, I honestly think that the world would be better without these brainwashed zombies,? your videos will? be appreciated by big picture people, you’re too clever for these dumb zombies!

  3. xxbigkisses

    you know, when my body gets screwed up, I? have to not eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours. then I ease in with some boullion, as much as I want, and water too.

  4. xxbigkisses

    omg…wow on the sweating it out.? sounds like a working in yard on a hot day doing manual labor(gardening, raking etc.)

  5. mjenniferromeo

    All those? maladies…ugh…u poor thing. feel the same about a hot meal.
    LOVE coffee…aministered orally.
    Never felt as well as i did when juicing,15+ yrs ago.

  6. ym schmitz

    i hear ya, not morgellans but on all others then add about 15 more including demyalating of the central nervous system and a few degenerating diseases to boot, it is hard and ppl can offer all they want but they are not living it, so just getting through day to day hour to hour sometimes minute to minute is a victory in my book, i just keep trying the best i can, this year i am planting loads of veggies,? fruits and herbs non gmo organic and blasting my system lol we shall see


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