On October 30 2010, 193 countries agreed to a moratorium on geo-engineering. Unfortunately, the United States never ratified their status in the Convention on Biological Diversity, so the agreement does not apply to the Unites States. Here is a list of the 193 countries. Dr. Bunzl stated that a recent Rutgers report revealed that Caldeira’s Aerosol scheme would leave AT LEAST TWO BILLION people without food.


  1. CaJeffO

    I have put this video on my educational library playlist.
    ALSO – see my chemtrail page
    GOOGLE THIS: freedomblogger2/?page_id=2109

  2. EnergySupply2008


    No, it is not a joke. They have been spraying chemtrails in my area for 29 months now. Here is another video to help you see the chemtrails very clearly.


  3. EnergySupply2008


    The army of people who are fighting chemtrails has grown a vast amount in the last year. For example, one year ago there were 12,500 chemtrails videos, today there are 120,000 – WE must absolutely win this battle.

  4. EnergySupply2008


    UPDATE: Since the October 28 UN ban on geo-engineering supposedly went into effect, I have seen chemtrail videos from at least 14 countries that signed the treaty, so the ban is just more bullshit.

  5. EnergySupply2008


    It has nothing to do with 30 or 50 years ago. Fact is, 29 months ago, my sky, in one day, went from being perfect, to having at least two dozen trails as far as I could see. An hour later they expanded and joined together and blocked out the sun. It has happened at least 450 times since.

  6. EnergySupply2008


    “Do you understand how much air traffic it would take to do what your suggesting? and how much fuel and whatever other material it would take. More than is available”

    Instead of just an opinion, how about backing that statement up with some actual numbers?

  7. EnergySupply2008


    The 45 BILLION is nothing compared to the 2.3 TRILLION Donald Rumsfeld admitted went missing at the Pentagon, one day before 9/11.


    OR the 1.7 TRILLION the Federal Reserve (Private bankers, NOT a government agency) printed back in late 2008 early 2009 or the 2.9 TRILLION they recently announced they are going to print. It is really great for them, they can make money from paper and ink, very cost effective and they never show where the money goes.

  8. EnergySupply2008


    I do appreciate all that you do too. We are all brothers in this fight. Love you man.

  9. EnergySupply2008


    Geoengineers talk about wanting to spray 20 million metric tons of aluminum oxide per year, which is the industry standard for drying air in large commercial air compressors. They speak about how aluminum oxide will rob rainfall from some regions and deliver huge rainfalls to other regions, as the aerosols move. So yes, I agree and have at times, observed no rain when it is forecast. At other times, huge amounts of rain. It applies to snow also.

  10. lowrider1007

    don’t you see the level of chemtrail activity in relation to the weather systems moving across the country (low pressure fronts). i see that the spraying (adding aerosols to the atmosphere) allows the water molecules to disperse and not saturate the clouds so it can rain, so rain is forcasted but doesnt happen. have you observed this?

  11. lowrider1007

    i used to look at sat images all the time and have correlated these types with chemtrails. glad to see this vid reinforces what i have seen. i think we’re both on the same side with this issue. hopefully this vid will help those still trying to decide if chemtrails are real. PEACE

  12. lookupwakeup

    It couldn’t be any more obvious that we are being sprayed with chemtrails. Now they even admit the fact that they are doing it but they say it’s to help with man made global warming which has been proven to be complete Bull sh!t. The only reason they would be spraying us with Aluminum and Barium is to deplete the population. Wake up people!!!!
    Excellent video keep up the great work.

  13. UncoveringConscious


    Thank you for the countless hours you put in to the good cause and for the fine work you do Energy.

    Added to Favorites.

  14. roseysunrise

    @HHOinfo I highly suggest you watch the new video entitled “What in the world are they spraying?” …all of it, then pay attention to what is going on in the sky above you! I have seen this for over 10 years now. I know the difference between a contrail and chemical geoengineering! I grew up near O’hare Chicago airport! Quit insulting intelligent people and do the research.

  15. HHOinfo

    @EnergySupply2008 – I don’t see the connection of clouds forming in straight lines and contrails. You started to count off the lines of clouds, you got to 10 or 12 I think.
    That would take a lot of planes all flying in formation. Because they stopped right at the shore line that should give you a clue. Different temperature over the water compared to the temperature over the land.
    Good Luck, Lots of conspiracy theories for you to work on. Look at all the books & DVD on that web site.

  16. EnergySupply2008


    While you wrote a lot of diversion statements, you failed to address the main question. How is it, if chemtrails are not real, that my video shows straight lines over large areas of the US, right down to the shoreline. when airports are not everywhere? Please do not avoid the question again. I have no interest in HHO until the chemtrail spraying stops.

  17. roseysunrise

    @Larryonoff333 I think it is you who needs to do some serious research into this! Check out “What in the world are they spraying?”, watch all of it, then pay attention to what goes on above your head for awhile. This has been going on for over 10 years!

  18. stainless1981

    @HHOinfo they don’t last forever, grow, turn colors do they? you won’t change my mind on this one. I know what I am seeing. And the proof is in the soil. If it’s just alex jones’ money trail, then how come the pineapples don’t grow in hawaii anymore? how come the pond in california is so frickin toxic? there is too much proof….. get a clue! better yet, go get a flu shot, then a big drink of fluoride enhanced water. Oh that’s a conspiracy too right? shit!


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