Chemtrail Disclosure? Military Chaff Reported on Radar by Local News

Friday, April 13, 2012 San Diego, CA — FOX5 & NBC7 News cover “Mysterious Booms” heard around the county and report a possible connection to “Military Chaff” sprayed from planes and picked up on radar. Local officials ruled out earthquakes and thunder as the cause of the boom sounds. Marine and Navy officials say business and training are as usual, “Nothing is out of the ordinary”. However, radar at the time of the mystery boom showed line patterns consistent with chemtrail aerosol geoengineering. On a Friday the 13th filled with extreme weather and unexplained sounds & shaking, three local meteorologists disclose how chaff particles sprayed by military planes appear on radar. 0:01 San Diego FOX5 News @ 6 with Reporter Heather Ford 0:30 San Diego NBC7 Midday News with Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh 1:10 San Diego NBC7 News @ 5 with Weather Reporter Dagmar Midcap Fox5 News – San Diego Hears And Feels A Mysterious Boom Another possible coincidence was discovered by folks at the National Weather Service. “Sometimes, occasionally, the military will put some substances into the atmosphere that are detected by our radar, our weather surveillance radar. It’s a substance that’s called chaff.” The chaffs do look similar to the oncoming storm system but they’re actually an indication of an aircraft. We replayed the radar images from 8:40am. It turns out several of those “chaffs” or planes where near the San Diego and Baja areas. Depending on how low and how fast, the planes could have

22 thoughts on “Chemtrail Disclosure? Military Chaff Reported on Radar by Local News

  1. riceburnagtv

    Definition of Chaff, tho I am sure you know better yeah?
    Chaff and flares are defensive mechanisms employed from military aircraft to avoid detection and/or attack? by adversary air defense systems.Chaff consists of small fibers that reflect radar signals and, when dispensed in large quantities from aircraft, form a cloud that temporarily hides the aircraft from radar detection. The two major types of military chaff in use are aluminum foil and aluminum-coated glass fibers. Fucking idiots!

  2. G2DwarfStar

    If? they release Caff to confuse a missile than what was firing on our aircraft. And the govt denies any military activity; then why do those chaff trails land at either MCAS Miramar and North Island? If they are not ours you think we would have shot them down on approach. Plus this caff hand to land somewhere but the story was buried in a cover-up.. there is reports of a few other countries the days b4 scrambling their jets. Underground reports they were chasing a UFO away from their airspace.

  3. shadesters


    as everyone here is stating, chaff is bits and pieces of aluminum, or whatever a plane is made out of, to confuse missiles for defense purposes

    even if it were chaff, there wouldn’t enough in? the atmosphere to show up on a radar scan, unless hundreds of aircraft were dropping it simultaneously, because it’s ejected bits at a time and in small amounts… if you can spot huge areas of “chaff” on radar, then it ISN’T actually “chaff”

  4. imbas

    This is completely false. Chaff is not visible to radar. Chaff is a momentary expulsion of metal particles (not plastic) to throw off a missile. There is no sustained spray. This is a coverup of something. Now you know for sure that TV is only propaganda. Demand to know what the? military is spraying overhead of populated areas and why!

  5. RealityPrepper2012

    100% BS propaganda lies, 1st quote ” sometimes ocassionally they will put stuff in the atmosphere” wrong its all the time worldwide. 2nd quote? “its a protection to confuse radar grounding missles” what the hell is she talking about ? what exactly are we supposedly being protected from ? I suppose the sheeple will believe this nonsence.

  6. mauibrad

    CE – I’m wondering how they got away with calling it chaff. Chaff is just small particles of aluminum, launched to evade radar-seeking missiles.
    BJP – It is something that the meteorologists have been doing for a number of years now, calling it “military chaff” instead of chemtrails. The meteorologists are actually in on it in that the NEXRAD sites that? they use are also used by HAARP. That’s why the meteorologists who work for stations don’t go any further than to just say “military chaff.”

  7. Hobbit997

    They’re running? experiments on the masses because they’re what’s left of the Nazis. They’re also trying to kill the bees so they can’t pollinate non-Monsanto crops…Paranoid or Illuminex?

  8. MrUshijinx

    one last thing as well, i want to give kudos to the genius weather wonder woman of California for creating a new word “chaffs”.

    Your word is CHAFF……s
    Can you use it in a sentence?
    Chaffs Planes are a (you now start to day dream and stare at her chest) the same thing damnit. Nothing weird is going on, just keep watching the news everyday.

  9. MrUshijinx

    chaffs???? chaffs or planes??!?!?! chaff is a material military craft drop out of the tail to confuse radar guided missiles!!! I AM AFRAID WE ARE COMING TO A POINT, A POINT WHERE PEOPLE EITHER WAKE UP AND REALIZE WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING OR CONTINUE TO? LISTEN TO DUMB WEATHER WOMAN TELL YOU THAT CHAFFS ARE AIRPLANES!!!LOL

  10. femmecorbeau

    wow, the msm bringing it into your living room. thanks, guys. now… look away, it’s? nothing…


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