5 thoughts on “Chemtrail Drones!

  1. JC Ishtruth

    They are very real friend. Weather drone or traditional aircraft. I say
    drone because they are virtually silent and can fly in very strange
    non-approved FAA formations. If I figure out what frequency they operate on
    I could design a jamming radar but than I would go to prison lol. Believe
    it or not they are trying to help us (while them.) I will upload some more

  2. Jane webb

    I live in lehigh acres fl I see this all of the time, I’ve seen the drone
    take off or something it was the same way a rocket takes off it was
    launched into the sky. What area of fl is this

  3. stars0716

    WOW SHOW THAT Drone again!!! Unbeleivable!!!!! HOLY CRAP that drone could
    be spraying real BAD BIO STUFF?? OH MY!! Try and catch that drone or shoot
    it down or something!!! Great video! Love ya!


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