Chemtrail Dust and Nano Particles-Morgellon’s Cause?

The dust particles appear to move in pairs.Well no,they do move in pairs a lot.Crazy but there it is,so it’s not crazy at all.

12 thoughts on “Chemtrail Dust and Nano Particles-Morgellon’s Cause?

  1. Littlewing1977

    I too have? noticed this before while using the same methods you did here. I am glad I am not the only one.

  2. 00SKuNKy00

    I’ve thought of doing the same thing, it would definitely filter out the bigger particles and as a bonus you might just? wake up some people who see you and wonder what you’re protecting yourself from that they don’t know about!

  3. humanswin

    Pray for Protection People! ‘They’ are Now making Insect Drones! Thank? You Humanswin for your continual knowledge and Sharing. May? God/JC be with You & Your Family Forever:)

    enlightenfawn …no such thing as insect droids,fake planes or hologram bird helicopters-all things disinfo here says exists—the truth community has an offshoot of lying disinfo mixed with crazy people who are used by cointel-the idea is to confuse and (try to) make truthers look bad

  4. wafflegear

    um lets see if it’s barium salt then they want it to be changed is why they’d be spraying. would make sense the negative and positive bits will attract, travel in pairs. take your vitamins and avoid any extra toxins like the shit they put in GMO foods, even the real sugar soft drinks might not be safe. above all don’t panic. you’ve lived through? ten years of this shit or more. Use your head, Jesus helps you when you help yourself.

  5. ctwatcher

    I’m in CO and the wind hasn’t stopped in weeks it seems but for a few minutes at night. But twice when wind stopped I was able to see the crap floating and know we breathe it constantly without knowing.
    Bacteria everywhere in CO. Seratia Marcessens, attracted to water, causes illness but water dept says no worries be happy…for the time you have left like it doesn’t effect them?? I wonder if the Russians that are arriving for terra games know about all the nasty air here.

  6. mg659er

    you can’t stop this with mixtures, this shit is everywhere. like he said best nutrition possible, exercise, be? headstrong and positive!

  7. shinnosuketachibana

    Do you think wearing a surgical mask could help?
    I would feel like a weirdo,? but it’s better than get sick :p

  8. 21blondbarbie

    Hulda Clark wrote that the air is full of all kinds of parasite eggs and you should not even leave food uncovered. By the way, I had my special fossil checked out by a university professor and he said it was just of these days I will post a video and I can get other opinions.?

  9. Victoryisoursindeed

    that is creepier than the? illuminate. In the mid west in the mornings you can see this stuff also. The flyin packs you can see them if you look real close to a back background like a black car. I stater washing my face with a mixture than you can actually see hair like jelly stuff come off in the bowl. Disgusting! I encourage people to wash their face often, use alcohol sometimes, I use another mixture at time also.


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