dec. 8th 2012 yum.


  1. evelynjean1956

    I have seen this like snow at night…I am disgusted as well… So many
    people are in a zombie like state.

  2. brolance

    Just saw this two days ago coming in my own window like smoke. I went
    downstairs and checked other windows just to see if I was crazy lol (which
    I am) but I found it very thick more so than regular dust, and I used to
    see Kirby vaccums and we did the lamp dust thing as a demo so I do know how
    the dust usually looks. Good catch!

  3. youGooglin

    You caught that well. I see it all the time here in Vallejo. It’s
    EVERYWHERE! It is LATE in the game. I’ve tried to capture it many times.
    Never was able to do it like that, though. How are you imageing this, and
    what kind of camera are you using? Do you think my sony handicam can do it?
    Thanks! All these ignorant fucks we let call us kooks for so long because
    they were to stupid or lazy or whatever the fuck their excuse for not even
    caring about the very air we breath. NO MORE!

  4. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Look at all the Orbs. This planet is in a world of shit & in for a ton of
    Misery. Mankind sure is stupid. Damn! Great capture Bro.

  5. star57man

    They are spraying more and more every day. The 90% of people who are
    finally noticing this criminal and Evil takeover of our skies and air are
    told by pagan controlled media these are contrails with a cold upper
    atmosphere. God Bless!

  6. Anthony Allyn

    Found this video trying to identify what looked like glitter on my cellular
    led screen. Reds, blues, greens but hard to see without it being back-lit.
    Thanks for the info.


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