Chemtrail Essay – Oct 27, 2008

A video essay from the Heavy chemtrail day of 27 Oct 2008 in Northern Colorado.

6 thoughts on “Chemtrail Essay – Oct 27, 2008

  1. chikinbo1

    Really, really stupid. Show me a video of CONTRAILS moving against the wind and maybe I won’t think you’re quite as stupid. Chemtrails? Because obviously these clouds couldn’t be caused by water condensation. That would be to simple. The government is obviously trying to destroy the world with every commercial jet we’ve ever seen. And you know, everyone involved with the airlines has been able to keep really quiet about these chemicals being put on the planes…. Get a brain you moron.

  2. memefest2008

    a little suggestion:
    use U2v’s tools to change audio settings
    there are many classics to choose from

    Great Video !!


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