Chemtrail Evidence Pt.1

Check out part 2: NASA admits persistent chemtrails are real! only they call them “persistent contrails” they go on to explain how “contrails are made” but they fail to provide evidence of atmospheric conditions that would cause contrails to persist! instead they spin it and claim its due to an increase in air traffic! no mention of existing patents on weather manipulation or scientific testing! its typical half truth dissinfo! Thanks: Aerosol Crimes, Links: http When looking into this I noticed that all the government/private-contractor sites involved with chemtrails claim to be dedicated to testing air quality or atmospheric research. But this is a common cover up tactic for the NWO. Please research this and other issues! chemtrail contrail nwo depopulation barium aluminum chembow

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Evidence Pt.1

  1. jum401

    if “they” sprayed over your head, wouldn’t the sprayed materials travel a long way before falling to the ground?

  2. urwhat

    If they can control the weather, they control who gets water, where, to grow good crops. = investing in certain crops. ($)

  3. xray606

    The “chem-trail” conspiracy theory has to be the silliest conspiracy theory of them all. Anybody that knows anything about aviation and weather understands this. In this video it shows countless trails in a very short period of time… There would have to be thousands of planes and crews working non-stop all day long to do that. It’s absurd. The only thing that scares me about this stuff is how many people believe it.

  4. nickeldridge21

    That’s a great vid! I have a video of the fibers collected from chemtrail fallout in London. The fibers are ALIVE!!! Please check out the 3 part videos Chemtrail EVIDENCE, it’s on nickeldridge21 channel. Keep up the good work

  5. UkTruthSeeker2009

    There is a reort on 91177info youtube channel from Defra with listed chemicals and some good evidence look for the one jane bergermeister swine flu and chemtrails are listed on it.

  6. 26fenix26

    i have filmed also a large rail on the sky few days ago, i never seen somthin like that, it looks like a miles long cloud under the normal clouds

  7. daftraider

    Yea we need the debunk sides allso, though its hard to disprove they playing around with weather, the most iritating part is they von’t say shit about it, but i bet they will open up at eco congress in Kopenhagen, or what its called, lots of news cover and chemtrail banners will show up

  8. criticalmindseed

    I have not seen any tests that show barium? Please send me a link or ill google. this series is going to be difficult to finish. I have no hidden agenda, I simple would like to present the facts and let people decide for them self what is going on. All sides of this issue have valid points and evidence. I do believe that weather experiments are being carried out on the populations of the world, but I don’t want to simply tell people this is so….. Its hard to find unbias evidence on any side.

  9. daftraider

    Why do some tests show up with barium salt then? Barium has nothing to do with fuel!!
    Lead was taken out of fuel a while ago, as it had serius side effects on all life

  10. Epoxynous

    I mean I have looked for evidence, examined what others call evidence, but found that in all cases there was nothing that could not be explained by science as normal contails.

    Wiki usually has references at the bottom of the page. It’s a good starting point for research, even if you don’t trust the editing.

  11. criticalmindseed

    How can you say there is no evidence they are not contrails?
    Also, the haarp program can control weather & does exist.
    Also I am very careful about what I deem as fact from wikki

  12. Epoxynous

    Jet fuel does not. Aviation fuel (100LL AV Gas, for prop planes) contains lead, but not mercury. The LL stands for “Low Lead”. It’s similar to how regular gasoline used to contain lead, but at lower levels. It might be banned in the future because of this.

    Nearly all the contrails you see are from jets, which don’t have lead or mercury in their fuel.

    See Wikipedia “Jet fuel” and “Tetra-ethyl lead”

  13. Epoxynous

    If we could control the weather reliably and cost-effectively, and without side effects, then of course we would. There’s lots of research into it, and there are even lots of existing cloud seeding programs that have being going for decades – without any secrecy.

    Have a look at the wikipedia page “weather control”

    However, the contrails look nothing like known weather control techniques, (cloud seeding, etc). They look like contrails, and there’s no evidence they are not contrails.

  14. criticalmindseed

    thanks for the link, great debates and some not so great, I will read it all.
    One question for you: If man has always desired to control everything around him and he had the technology or know how to create weather, don’t you think he would?
    China reported ending a major doubt with this technology, the US owns patents to do this also & has tested them . Why would they not be using this? I mean not in secret but to end drought or other weather problems?

  15. daftraider

    Ok what ever they are using its bad for ya
    And the fact that they do not at all even coment on it when asked is making it even more suspecius, they should at least say if were kinda screwed because the sun is acting funky or whatever the reason is, its like the flouride lie, its good for you improves teeth health (but you get sick from it and you and your chieldren gets brain damage=lowers iq

  16. criticalmindseed

    Thanks, I saw this and yes they prove that their jet fuel samples contain legitimate fuel.
    look up the patents on cloud seeding with jets and see that a fuel additive is not the desired method for the best results when manipulating weather, also google Eastland patent & haarp while your at it.

  17. Epoxynous

    I’ve read Carnicom. Being independent does not make him right – he’s said a lot of things that are obviously mistaken – like saying that contrails can last for more than a few minutes. Or his rather ridiculous “THE WINE – PEROXIDE TEST”

    try contrailscience. com for a different viewpoint.


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