25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Evidence pt.2

  1. pieater53

    Sun spot activity is what causes the earth to heat up less sun spot activity causes the earth to cool down. All this crap about man causing it is crap.
    If you notice most of the time they spray in front of a storm system, that way it interacts with the moisture in the system and all those chemicals and heavy metals get bought down to human level, so we can inhale the super small particles into our lungs and the particles also end up in the water, the soil, plant life and animals we eat

  2. believersunderground

    this stuff is a toxic soup. particle A in it is atomic. Scott (BUG) keep looking up this mankind can only see there shoes. it’s sad.

  3. WellSightedGentleman

    shilltastic you are the biggest wimp loser on the net.
    aside from being an A1 government titty sucker,
    You diisgust me you leech

  4. WellSightedGentleman

    awesome vid excellent.
    oh that shilltastic character gave up on his attention seeking banter, actually gave up youtube, thankfully

  5. Shilltastic

    Hehe, you make me laugh. This is BASIC ( I mean elementary) science. You introduce high pressure steam into a VERY cold atmosphere that remains very cold, you will have a persistent contrail for as long as the cold conditions remain.

    But go ahead, PRETEND that you have educated yourself online and “they” are out to getcha!


  6. criticalmindseed

    ok, no disrespect, how can you say “the fact that contrails persist without containing any extra chemicals” where do you get this fact? even nasa fails to explain the science behind contrail persistence! havnt you seen their latest research? they also discovered a system of particulate aerosols that surround clouds and affect weather formation. if you wish to properly debunk information, providing links to facts & science would lend validity to your argument. google aerial cloud seeding

  7. Shilltastic

    Can’t watch videos at work. But, will watch it later. But, an interview is NOT going to change the fact persistent contrails persist without containing any extra chemicals in them.

  8. Quandary121

    ha ha nob glad to get through your thick head what you say is shit, and now i dont have to hear your bollocks goodbye asshole.!

  9. Shilltastic

    Hehe, you keep telling yourself that. Maybe you should ask yourself why you can’t find a SINGLE person with an education in aviation and meteorology that believes in “chemtrails”. There is a VERY good reason why…because education is the opposite of ignorance…and all chemtards are ignorant. That is a fact.


  10. criticalmindseed

    I’m uploading “chemtrail evidence pt3” right now, this one has some more questions and answers! I am making part 4 and it will pick up some of what i missed in part 3
    I am getting really into this theory! & the evidence is all around.

  11. daftraider

    its one of these
    1 – Depopulation
    2 – Weather control
    3 – Mind/Mood control
    4 – Prep for war drills
    5 – To block rays from space
    6 – All of the above or some of them

  12. daftraider

    I not gona prove or disprove chemtrails, ill just gona put a few key words here use your imagination.
    chemtrails (could) be multi funtion chemical/metal/fibers/viral/mold/bacteria
    To block rays like – gamma/infared/em etc. the rays could come from the SUN or our galactic center as we are close to the plane of the center(google that)
    OR to block radar and other man made rays/sattelites in situations before (drills)(war drills)
    or just to reflect sunlight. and im wery sure its not healthy


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